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12 Aug 2009

I am back!

While in Phoenix we stayed at a friends house. Upon entering her front door my guy noticed this mother and baby and it is a good thing I snapped a picture because the next day that li'l bird was fledged. Other great animals we saw? Bats flying over the pool while we took a wee skinny dip, a hummer buzzed me-I was that interesting, and a frog owned the pool one crisp desert morning overlooking the pool with coffee.

I taught Soy Wax with Paint at Art Unraveled. Don't I look sorta sexy in this pose? And I am in an apron, no less. 

I love this event and the people it draws. I felt as though it gave me permission to work outside my norm. Today I will buy myself a Dremel tool, because Belinda, and Jane use one and I think I need one too. Not only that but I need two part self leveling epoxy, gold leaf... uh. hmmm.

Wait till you see what this trip made me make!

Here is a sample I made in class. Belinda and some of the other artists in my class turned me on to Jacquard's Halo line of paint. And you can see the exuberance with which I embraced it. What Whoa~ A trip to the paint store is in order!

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on 12 Aug 2009 7:49 AM

Looks like you had a great time!  I'm so sorry I missed it.  Hoping to try the soy wax very soon.  I have to get my daughter moved out first and then I can play.

Caroberk wrote
on 17 Aug 2009 7:02 PM

I think that I would want to just frame that piece as it is. Yummy!

GGQuilts wrote
on 20 Aug 2009 2:08 PM

Hey, Melly - Heather, Kath and I did soy wax on Sat for 6 hours!  but using your thickened dye, so now we need to try with paint!    Fun, but I think what I discovered is how much I just enjoy the monoprinting part of it -- assume we can do with

paint too.  Then back to organza...

MellyT wrote
on 1 Sep 2009 4:18 PM

Working with paint and monoprint is a little different.  You will have to experiment. Paint dries more quickly. Maybe adding urea would help? Don't know. I love organza.