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Let's play ketchup.

20 Aug 2009


But no one will get squashed.

Arrow has been settling in quite nicely. He has taken to asking for the rag bed. This means that he circles me, asking for my lap and instead I take out the rag bin and encourage him to sleep near me, rather and on my lap. This is quite useful as the heat is a bit much right now and I am proud of him for learning that near is as good as on.

He looks happy, doesn't he?

And I love to see how much of the space he can fill up. It is akin to a round cat in a rectangular hole. I mean, just how pointy can he get?

I am also happy to say that I am part of Bernina's National Teacher's Program. They have loaned me a Bernina 440, which I love so much, I LURVE it, oh no, maybe I luff it. And will be creating a project for The Sewing Republic. Check the site out. It is geared toward the young hip crowd, the sewing crowd-of which there are many! Sewing is the THING right now. Is quilting passe'? I think not!

So anyway, I linked my blog to thiers and the link can be found in my sidebar to the right as well.

I contributed to Quilting Arts Gifts, and even if I do say so myself, this issue os OVER-the-top fantastic.

I couldn't photograph all of my favorite projects, but let me say Kathy York's Fabulous Tote Bag is, well,fabulous. Janet Lasher created a great silk scarf, Kelli Nina Perkins gave us a project free of calories but sweet all the same.

We all know the power birds have over me, I swoon at thier sparkly eye dots, love every feather I stumble upon and even collect birdy things. Alisa Burke create the Birds of a Feather project and well. I will join her flock any day.

So don't hesitate! Go get yer copy pronto.

And well. I have a new Video Prompt in the makings and a great new arty thing I am obsessed with. But that will have to wait till tomorrow or the next day. Leave a comment and I will reply with love!


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Jane LaFazio wrote
on 1 Sep 2009 4:31 PM

Arrow is indeed looking quite comfy. Does he prefer hand dyed or commercial fabrics? Buddy is big on organza and tulle.

Don't have the gifts issue yet, want it!