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I like to Dye.

1 Sep 2009

These little things are what I have been so crazed about. I have been making them by the armful and am preparing to sell them along with dyed embroidery flosses, Pretty Purses and other yummies over at my new Etsy account. Keep checking back as I learn how to use it and update it with more items later in the week.

Last week I went to Southside Coffee and drew, well, the street sign outside the joint. Now I have to say. I have never taken a drawing class about perspective and truly wish I had. I have learned to draw by evaluating relationships between objects. I tend to look at and draw negative space. Now that I live in a city where everything is angles and perspective I feel the challenge to learn a more regimented approach to perspective.

I was sitting over a different cup of coffee with David and thinking abouyt this challenge and decided that what I need to do is take a photo of the thing I would like to draw and play with rulers and tracing paper. I need to give myself a visual idea of what I am looking at. I am a visual person, after all.

Today is a video Prompt day. I uploaded this challenge last week, and perhaps you have noticed it in the widget over to the right. Bad blogger! Lazy blogger! Oh well.

Today I began playing around with dye and noticed I have no soda ash soaked fabrics in storage. So I unrolled 4 yards, cut them into 1 yard pieces, I find that is my most manageable size.

I scrunch each piece of cloth separate of one another, to make it easier to separate once they are sodden. Then I stack them one atop the other in a 2 gallon bucket.

Once that is complete, I pour the soda water over the cloth and allow it to soak for a 1/2 hour.

Then I hang them to drip dry for as long as it takes.

Now My Man and I just moved from a seven room house to the three room apartment. I dye in 1/3 of what any normal person would call their living room. And because we do not have access to outdoor space, I drip dry on the tub. The caveat to this system is that I am diligent about cleaning drips and spills. The tub gets washed after each drip dry session because I do not want to find out what soda ash can do to porcelain if left to its own device.

I tell you all of this for several reasons. One because I want you to know that working in no-space-at-all is possible! Where there is a will, there is a way. I love working with dye. I love its luminosity, the soft hand, the color. I love they way thickened dye lays down when painted with a watercolor brush.

Some folks hold themselves back from working with dye because there is a skill set and knowledge base involved. It also requires an investment. It also... takes space. But, not too much. just a 1/3 of a room, if you can manage it.

Heck I started dyeing in an apartment and I bought myself a plastic box and stored everything I needed at the time in that box.

The investment part can be handled over time, a few dyes, three primaries, if need be. Soda ash, thickener and some cloth. Get the smallest amounts if that makes you feel better! You will soon be cursing me for starting you down a slippery slope, but that is my job!

And while I am at it. A good reader has alerted me to a misprint on Page 17 of Inspired to Quilt. (BooHoo!!!!Waaaa!) 
In the paragraph entitled:

Mixing Dye Concentrate:

To mix dye concentrate, you'll need a funnel, a jar, water, and urea pellets. Using a funnel, put 2 tablespoons of urea pellets in a 16 oz jar. Add 1/2 cup hot water, cover, and shake until dissolved.

The 1/2 is missing in that second sentence.

Go mark up your book and kiss the page for me. Tell your copy that I said, I am sorry. :)

And here is your next challenge.

The next challenge will be even more interesting. I will put you up to playing with and mixing color! I have started the next vid prompt already.

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