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That's how we sing

9 Sep 2009

David and I were walking to Fairway last week and David gave me a lesson on street talk. He told me of the phrase, "That's how we roll". He'd heard our neighbor say the phrase and apparently it wasn't the first time he'd heard it. So, I come home and look it up on Urban Dictionary. As I am poking around at the site, I find the phrase, 'That's how we sing'. Which fits this post quite well, I think.

A few weeks ago I was contacted through email by a woman I do not know. Apparently, she knows Kathy York, a facebook friend, whom I am unsure I have met in person. Though I do frequent her blog. Kathy told her friend that I might be a likely recipient for a boat load of dyes. Mostly unopened, in colors I have never used! (Dye was bought, then a pregnancy put a hold on their use).

Has the dye faerie descended? It feels like it. I mean, these things are NIB. (You have the tools, look it up!)

I have a growing collection of bird planters. The robin on the right is my third and most recent acquisition. There is also an as yet UN-photographed pelican.

As my pheasant and robin seem to be high on friendships, I thought it might be fitting to say that I am finally feeling comfortable here in Brooklyn. I am making friends with the place. The struggle has left me and I feel as though I am now able to relax into and see what Brooklyn has to offer and how I might contribute.

The gift of dye has made me want to see if I could rent studio space for a day and gather some knitters and spinners together for a Dye Studio Day.

While I still have a few deadline pieces to wrap up, I am planning to get out and explore some too. Prospect Park is not all that far from where I live and they have an Audobon Center. I guess it is supposed to rain for the next few days though. So, I should go. Quickly.

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funsmith wrote
on 11 Sep 2009 10:32 AM has over 20 definitions of NIB.  Which is why common acronyms and jargon leave newbies mystified.  And that's how they roll! ;o)

Monna wrote
on 13 Sep 2009 9:52 PM

In the context, I'd guess NIB means New In Box.

MellyT wrote
on 14 Sep 2009 11:07 AM

It does mean New in Box, as far as this post is concerned.