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26 Sep 2009

Arrow is a little ginger favored sweet meat. I love him. Because baseball season is in full swing, I now call him A Row. A little New York City humor for you.

Can we all take a deep sigh of relief on my behalf? Thank you.

My creative mojo is back. Do you know when you create a large piece, the edges are bound, the hanging sleeve is attached, the rod is even bought, cut and drilled. Everything is complete. The next day you wake up and...

What next?


That is how I have been feeling since I completed writing my book. I had even begun to think, maybe this is the end. Maybe I am an opus sort of person and quilting is finished for me. My goal is achieved and I need to start moving on. Sad thoughts, those.

About a month and a half ago, I started wondering how to move, push and knead myself back into the center of my creative picture. Journaling works for me. Knitting has been working too. At least it gives me quiet focus, which can be good.

The tanager from the last post sparked creative interest and I have begun a large wall hanging in cloth inspired by it. It is too formative to show though.

David and I went away this week and I promised myself to create at least three drawings in my journal when I was away. Two really good drawings came from this promise. I am not finished with this painting, but I am happy with it so far.

Today I am off to teach at the City Quilter. Wish me luck!


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