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I am actively seeking friends.

26 Oct 2009

Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. The statement comes out and then resonates. I spoke about this a bit in my last post, I told you of Shirley, who approached me at Open Studios and whose name tag indicated that she was from New York City. Without thinking I reiterated where she was from and told her I was actively seeking friends.
So this post is about friends, both old and new.

Last week, I returned home from my new friend Shirley's house with a sense of excitement, vim and vigor. I was a bit busy and although I wanted to drop everything and purchase some watercolor paper, linen thread and glue, I stayed focused. More on that later.
But today there was nice crisp fall weather and I was able to complete some jobs prior to hopping on the train and heading over to the art store to purchase the needed supplies. Photos will come later, the pages I am cutting in this photograph are being flattened over night.

A good friend of mine had to attend to some important business and was unable to teach a class. Somehow my name came up and I am filling in. This is a three week class where we print, create a quilt, and embellish.Week one we made found object stamps using cardboard, string and plastic.
I am now prepping for week 2; quilting, or perhaps embroidering is the right word. This is my sample and is as far as I have gotten.
Not too shabby! The sample makes me happy because it is not my normal style.

Then there was my retreat. This is a dream scenario, food is cooked three times a day on a strict schedule, wine and beer can be had if there is interest, a large room is provided where 8 to 10 talented, creative and supportive women gather twice a year to work on our own projects. The leaves outside rustled and fell, the view of the lake... gorgeous.
I decided not to go to lunch on Saturday and was left in a quiet room with piles of cloth, a spill of thread and echoes of friends voices. It was awesome. You might remember that I used to organize this group and that this is not the first retreat I have been to with these fabulous women (I went into my personal wayback machine and got lost in my own archives! Suffice it to say, I have been going to this retreat since 2005 safe for my brief love affair with Flagstaff.

Eye candy...

Brienne quilts like the devil and uses yummy threads to boot.

Carol embraces the whirlwind effect of creativity, if your stash overflows you will find the right cloth for the purpose. And heck! Look at her stash.

Dana is a wearable art artist and her work is amazing. She can handle the most delicate of cloth with mastery.

She helped me to break down and recreate the skirt pattern!
...Dharma, why is your Hemp/Silk Charmeuse so darned expensive (or perhaps I should say, when was the last time you made a skirt that calls for 5 yards of cloth?)

And here we are minus one member, sorry Jutta. From left to right, myself, Carol, Dana, Jane, Judy, Elizabeth and Brienne.

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dipart57 wrote
on 26 Oct 2009 11:16 PM

Oh how I wish I was close enough geographically to be part of such a group of talented women artists! I am so thrilled to be able to join in from afar in New Zealand via the internet. Keep up the good work and the blogging so we can all be your virtual friends even if not able to be there in person!

MellyT wrote
on 27 Oct 2009 11:08 AM

Virtual friendship has sustained me through this last year! I value it a lot. Thanks for posting dipart57.

on 27 Oct 2009 11:03 PM

It looks like you had a great time at your retreat and with your new friend.  It's wonderful that you can step up and make new friends by asking for them.  Not everyone is that brave.

I love Carol's stash of fabrics!  So beautiful!