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11 Nov 2009

...and then I have been quilting up a storm and not only that but, oh wait.

Hi. How you are? Long time no see. Sorry about that. Yeah. I was away for a lil bit there and for no good reason. Or maybe there were many reasons.

I will slow down.

I did get a flu a couple of weeks ago, and it hung on, clawing, scratching and biting. I am still coughing. But it is getting better-thank goodness.

The above is a detail of the piece I am working on right now and it looks totally different now. In that photo, the organza layer is covering over the Western Tanager's face. The organza has since been cut away and the bird shows itself strikingly, proudly, vibrant even. 
But it is not finished. I have not yet read the rules for a certain upcoming quilt show deadline, so a detail is all I will show right now.

With all this Recycled Journal watercolor stuff floating around in my mental space, I have been researching and looking into drawing, paint, and journaling web sites. Almost to the point where I need to tell myself to step away from the computer and focus on the three (!!!) teaching proposals I need to crank out.

But, when you have a cold, what better than to surf the web and find sites like this, or this.

Now I have been wanting a new paint palette ever since I saw Jane LaFazio working with M. Grahams watercolor paintlast spring.

But a girl needs to draw the line somewhere! I have several lines competing for my attention, I would like a smaller paint box than I now carry and I want to start using better quality paint, which I have been finding out is M. Graham among others.

Where are these ideas coming from? Beside Jane that is? Roz.

Roz is putting all sorts of not-so-crazy ideas in my head. Her blog is super organized, categorized, she is humorous, she can draw and paint like nobodies bidnss and she is my new blog crush. Except that she also introduced me to Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog. And is laughing is your thing then perhaps you should fall in love with Oswald over at the Mistress of Longears' Flickr site (Jane turned me on to her).

So. I am on the mend, quilting a piece that is bigger than 12" square(!), researching paint selections and color choices, and wondering how you are too. Thanks for sticking with me folks. I loves yous like I loves Bird Toes. (everything is better with an S at the end of it!)

And Whoa! Hey, wait!

Here is a free project I made for The Sewing Republic . Just released and spankin' new! I couldn't talk about it while I created the pattern, but I can now! Go download your pattern today.


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arlijohn wrote
on 12 Nov 2009 3:17 PM

Glad you are feeling better. Now to work! LOL.

on 13 Nov 2009 8:52 AM

It is wonderful when you can find such wonderful things to cheer you when you are sick.  Glad you are feeling better. Love the fun links.