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We were tired of living in a house.

18 Nov 2009

So we packed our bags and moved into a city apartment.

The title of this post refers to a favorite childhood book by the same name.

Last night I went to the Society of Illustrators Sketch and Jazz event. Event? It is a twice weekly gathering of people who draw figure models for 3 hours. There is a bar and a live jazz group, bass, sax and piano. The Society has been around for 105 years, it's filled with artwork from the Big'uns and is a great setting.

I went alone and had much flutterings and hesitation beforehand. Afterward, pure skipping and la-de-da happiness.

I came home to a little bulge of an envelope that I am thankful wasn't lost in the sending. The envelope was ripped and pudgy and exciting looking. It contained a lil LaFazio felted wool square among some samples of her fav threads (which I had asked for). It immediately got hung on my sewing room wall. The square doesn't have a name and I am lovingly calling it lil LaFazio.

My snapshots stink and do not do the lil wonder justice.

And have you seen my latest article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors?


CPS is hosting a Mother Earth Doll Challenge and used my doll image to promote it in their newsletter, are you going to participate?


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on 19 Nov 2009 8:18 AM

I knew you'd have a wonderful time once you got there.  Good job sucking in your fears and just going!

I don't usually get to see CPS so thanks for sharing that your dolls are featured and that there is a doll readers challenge.  How fun!  I've been toying with the idea of making something like this for years (no pun intended) but with all the other Christmas projects I have on my list this December deadline might be a bit tough to make.