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December 2009 - Melanie Testa’s Blog

  • The Quiet Celebrate

    This week Brooklyn received about a foot of snow. David had the day off and we watched movies, drank hot cocoa and waited for the snow to really hit. It was night time when the snow settled in for the long haul. So we bundled up and and went outside to...

    Posted to Melanie Testa’s Blog by MellyT on 24 Dec 2009
  • the Slowness of Being

    Being creative and fostering growth within that realm is a process of engaging with the world around you as well as that of other artists. Taking what you learn from these places and making it your own is the imperative of each of us as artists. A few...

    Posted to Melanie Testa’s Blog by MellyT on 19 Dec 2009
  • Small Wonder

    Last week I taught a class locally and really enjoyed it. I hit all the points I had hoped to make, I didn't plan too much (which is normal for me), and I didn't plan too little. It was just right, and I believe my class thought so too. They were...

    Posted to Melanie Testa’s Blog by MellyT on 16 Dec 2009
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  • Slow Sewing

    I am preparing for a class I will teach later this week. In this instance I was asked to do my Small Works, Big Impact class with a leaning toward painted imagery (rather than dye) and hand sewing. I love dye for its vibrancy, but paint is pretty awesome...