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16 Dec 2009

Last week I taught a class locally and really enjoyed it. I hit all the points I had hoped to make, I didn't plan too much (which is normal for me), and I didn't plan too little. It was just right, and I believe my class thought so too. They were ten women strong and they were open to possibilities. They have their own small offshoot of a larger national guild and they practice many forms of fiber art from weaving and knitting to quilting.

Here you see myself, the exuberant Gilda, Helene and Lauren. I love the word exuberant and hope I might be considered an exuberant person too.

I was also impressed by the focus and intent of the group. When it was time to start, we started. There was much laughter too. They were a joy to experience and a joy to teach.

This is a sample that I made for that class but today I took the time to complete it.

And even though I like things in progress, rather than complete here is the finished piece straight on.

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