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January 2010 - Melanie Testa’s Blog

  • Creating a sense of movement+change.

    Hello Good Reader! I have been blogging on the Quilting Arts web site since it's inception in late April, almost nine months! This has been a great way to celebrate the release of my book, to connect with you, to create videos that show off my favorite...

    Posted to Melanie Testa’s Blog by MellyT on 26 Jan 2010
  • mend, random, intuit

    I do not make resolutions in a yearly manner. I don't feel compelled to make a particular change on a particular day, but this year I have been thinking about words for creative exploration. After some thought I have come up with: mend, random, intuit...

    Posted to Melanie Testa’s Blog by MellyT on 19 Jan 2010
  • Lacey!

    I have been making cloth and enjoying every minute of it! In a moment of, 'What if?' I created a freezer paper resist that reminds me of doilies and lace. I printed it on a green ground, where if you look closely you'll see rodeo arches, doors...

    Posted to Melanie Testa’s Blog by MellyT on 9 Jan 2010