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29 Oct 2009

As the year begins to wind down (yes, it's happening already!), the editors at Quilting Arts are busy planning for next year's issues. And we want to make sure we know what our readers most want to get out of Quilting Arts. Are you a beginning art quilter or a seasoned pro? What kinds of techniques and articles do you want to see more of? Which ones do you not want to see at all?  Do you have a great idea for a Readers Challenge, or any other suggestions?

Let us know all this and more by taking this quick survey.

Your feedback will help ensure that future Quilting Arts issues will contain even more of what you love to see!


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attinger wrote
on 10 Nov 2009 8:44 AM

hi Pippa, here is geneviève Attinger, I just saw that you just received my second e-mail(the one about the article about my work) , great! It seems that you never received the first one and I wanted really to contact you so I found this way to do!

So, sorry to pollute this post! you can eliminate this comment!!!!!

I just wanted to tell you that I received your mails and that I answered back

Sorry again