Thankful for Quilts

25 Nov 2009

Naturally, I’m feeling very grateful today. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful excuse to just pause and appreciate not only the big things—family, friends, good health—but the seemingly smaller ones as well. Today, I’m thankful for everything from the leftover turkey sandwich I’ll be enjoying tomorrow to my other favorite kind of sandwich: the quilt sandwich. Indeed it’s true, when I pause to think of what I’m thankful for, quilts are way up there on the list—and if you’re reading this, you probably understand where I’m coming from.

First of all, quilts are about so much more than what they may initially appear to be. Whether it’s a work of art hanging on a wall or a blanket that is draped across a bed, a quilt is full of the love, dedication, and patience of its creator. I’m fortunate enough to come from a family of skilled needlewomen and both of my grandmothers make stunning quilts. Since I’ve been designated the family collector of said quilts, I’m also fortunate to essentially have two homes in which to keep this abundance of beautiful needlework: my new apartment and my family’s wonderful old house in the suburbs. Of course, I’m in home ‘number two’ for the holidays which means I’m visiting the half of my quilt collection that I don’t see as much of these days. Two of these quilts in particular are just so lovely—and I’m so thankful to have them—that I thought I’d share them with you.

 First of all, one of my grandmothers made this exquisite star quilt from scraps. It’s hard to do it justice in photographs since it’s one of those luxuriously large, draping-to-the-floor quilts that can easily be wrapped around two people at once. This quilt lives on my bed at home and is full of the comforting connotations that associate with family and the holidays.

 Then there’s this lovely sample quilt made by my other grandmother in honor of my college graduation. Each square represents something; for instance, the Wave block stands for our vacations to Sanibel Island, and the Around the World block is based on the pattern of the quilt she gave me my freshman year of college (the one which inspired me to take up quilting myself).

Coming home to quilts like these, and having the family and love that they represent, it’s hard to feel anything but very, very thankful. Do any of you have favorite quilts that make you feel the same way? I would love to hear about them.

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