A Crafty Evening at Quilting Arts

4 Dec 2009

My college motto, which got me through many tough exam seasons, was ‘work hard, party hard.’ And apparently these words of wisdom still apply. You see, even though we’ve been rather busy at the Quilting Arts office, we managed to find the time this week for a hands-on, artsy evening. There’s nothing like wine, cheese and crackers, and some good old fashioned crafting.

Most of the team made these lovely journals using paper, stamps, and glue:


Keep an eye out for the Muse Flash in the next Cloth Paper Scissors to learn more about the artist who inspired this idea.

I, on the other hand, used this time to get my fabric fix—and take advantage of the opportunity to try out Pokey’s gorgeous Bernina sewing machine. I didn’t exactly end up with a finished project, but I had a blast trying out a wide variety of snazzy stitches on this random fabric collage:


If you look closely, you may be able to tell that these are actually the backs of the fabrics. Let’s just say I had a spray adhesive mishap and had to get creative—it happens to the best of us :)

I hope you too are getting in your fair share of art making during this busy time of year. If not, I’d recommend planning a get together with some like-minded artist friends; it will get you motivated and force you to schedule in the time!



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jabotquilt wrote
on 5 Dec 2009 7:31 PM

Oh, I always have some sort of mishap.  I like it, and if you get to use a fancy machine, then who cares what you make!  I just took a course at a craft festival and one of the reasons was so I could use a brand new machine just on the market.


Carol DK wrote
on 7 Dec 2009 5:13 AM

I have not gotten my fix, so to speak, been working hard on a math class, but I am so looking forward to digging into anticipated projects---it will be my reward straight on to Christmas and beyond...

I am thinking of heading to buy a new sewing machine, not too fancy, but something at least as good, and probably a little bit better than I used to have before I moved. I am excited to find out what is out there.

And, what a great idea to have a group. I haven't done that yet, it has been a solitary endeavor...but I am anxious to try.

happy projects!!