Tell Me About Your Latest Art Quilting Endeavor!

11 Feb 2010

I was supposed to spend this past weekend at a friend’s wedding in Baltimore, but thanks to some bad weather forecasts, my flights were canceled and I found myself with an unexpectedly free Saturday afternoon. Naturally, I decided there was no better way to take advantage of the situation than with a little fiber art.

We’re fortunate to spend lots of time reading about new projects and techniques at the QA office, so it’s always a pleasure to move from the page to the studio and actually try out some of the wonderful ideas that artists share with us. Since I happened to have some luscious wool roving lying around, begging to be put to good use, I decided to try making Rose Hughes’ “Beaded Wool Gems,” from p. 70 of Quilting Arts February/March 2010 issue. This was a fun, quick, and easy project. 

I got some strange looks when I put a bunch of knotted knee high stockings into the public washing machines in my apartment building, but it was worth it! I decided to embellish mine with buttons, though Rose did some very interesting embellishing with lots of different beads. I’m not yet sure what I will do them, but they’re a great little addition to my embellishment stash.

So what’s the latest QA article project or technique that you’ve tried out? Or what are you dying to try next but haven’t yet had the time to do? Did anything catch your eye in our latest issue? Send me an email at I would love to hear about what our readers are up to!

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sltobin wrote
on 18 Feb 2010 8:57 AM

I am currently quilting a baby quilt on my Pfaff 2042 QuiltStyle.  It is a series of arcs in a row that echo and intersect.  I read a machine quilting tutorial that suggested to baste using pins which I did.  My problem is that it is bunching where the lines intersect.  Do you have any suggestions.  I usually use basting spray but since this is a baby quilt, I decided not to.  HELP!  I have never posted to a blog before so I am not even sure where to go to find the answer.  Feel free to send a reply to my e.mail address.....thanks.  Sandra Lee Tobin