The New and Improved QA Index!

16 Feb 2010

Quilters tend to be savers. We save fabrics (no scrap is too tiny), embellishments, threads, tool, and even ideas. This is a good thing—we find inspiration all around us and build a collection of resources that allows us to act on it whenever our hearts desire. Which is why I’m pleased to announce that our reorganized and updated Quilting Arts Cumulative Index has just been posted.

This means that the next time  you want to try out a certain surface design or stitching technique, you won’t have to search through all your old copies for that perfect article—just find the appropriate category under the “Techniques” heading and you’ll see a list of related articles.

Or maybe you want to peruse through past exhibition galleries or reader challenges? In the mood to re-read some advice on design considerations or the business of art quilting? All this and more is now at your fingerprints—and if you don’t have one of our past issues, most are available on the Interweave Store.

Especially if you’re having weather like we are at the QA headquarters and the snow is falling yet again (or even if it isn’t), this is the perfect excuse to cozy up inside with your old issues of Quilting Arts.

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