Spring Fever--and Spring Fabric!

19 Mar 2010

Well the long-awaited spring weather has officially arrived. Here in Stow, MA, the sun is finally shining and it’s actually warm enough to wear capris. I always catch spring fever pretty strongly, and this year is no exception.

There are so many reasons that I love this time of year (too many to list), but one of them is definitely the fun of spring cleaning—yes, I really do find it fun. So I spent part of my Friday morning unpacking and organizing the latest fabrics to arrive at the QA office, and I thought I’d share some of the designs that capture the spirit of spring.

First of all, I’m loving Robert Kaufman’s “Sophie” flannel collection, designed by Anne Kelle. Flannel might not be your typical warm-weather material, but these colorful prints sure are seasonally appropriate:


I’m also fond of Kaufman’s “On a Whim” collection, designed by Amy Schimler. Something tells me Pokey is going to fall in love with that frog print when she returns to the office next week:


 Finally, Michael Miller’s “Big E Group” and its flowery patterns put me in the warm weather mood:


What about you? Any favorite spring fabrics—or springtime quilting activities?

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sha1non wrote
on 23 Mar 2010 3:15 AM

In northern b.c. it's not quite spring.  But this year the snow has melted and left us with not quite winter.  

Every year I look forward to the guild's annual retreat at Ness Lake the last weekend of April.  Usually the ice goes out that weekend.  

Usually I work on ufo's but this year I'm thinking something new, cheerful and bright.  sha1non