Surprise Quilt Spottings in D.C.

6 Jul 2010

Some friends and I decided to meet up in Washington D.C. to celebrate this past holiday weekend—after all, it seemed like an appropriate place to spend the 4th of July. While I got some hand stitching done on the plane ride there and back, I spent the rest of my time enjoying the city, which I haven’t visited since the obligatory middle school trip many years ago.

On Saturday, we wandered around the National Mall, taking a much-needed break at the World War II Memorial, where we cooled off with our feet in the water (the heat was absolutely sweltering):


Then we climbed the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial to enjoy a beautiful view of the Washington Monument:


That’s when a little quilted something caught my eye:


And then another:


Apparently, red, white, and blue quilts make excellent blankets when camping out in preparation for evening fireworks. I just love how quilts have a tendency to show up unexpectedly in our everyday lives, don’t you?

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!

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