Summer: Time to Stitch on the Go

16 Jul 2010

Isn’t it funny how the summer can be the busiest time of year? Of course, there are always those lazy afternoons spent at the beach, leisurely outdoor dinners, and nice long bike rides. But, at least in my case, there have also been many weekend getaways and little trips that seem to eat up all my free time. From D.C. to New York to Orlando (and soon San Francisco and St. Louis), I just haven’t had much quality time in the sewing studio.

Fortunately, I’m becoming quite skilled at stitching on the go. Remember those blocks that I began fiddling around with back in April? Well, they’ve turned into my primary project these days since they simply consist of hand sitching onto 12" squares of appliqué and reverse appliqué, something I can do pretty much anywhere.  


I’m keeping the shapes and stitching simple so the bright colors takes center stage; just some straight stitching, circular buttonhole, and chain stitching with a mixture of embroidery floss and perle cotton.


The wonderful thing about this project is that my little bag of hand-sewing necessities and a few unstitched blocks easily fit into my large purse (and carry-on of choice):


I’ve become quite adept at sewing in the most unusual of places: planes, cars, buses, airport security lines, by the pool, in a taxi. It’s a relief to still get my fabric fix, even amidst the busiest of times.

So what started out as four blocks is now sixteen, and I have many more ready for stitching. I may find myself with a very large quilt in the end! However, I’m still debating the final construction. Inspired by Kathy York’s brilliant use of satin stitch (don’t miss her video tutorial in our new eMag on circular satin stitch or her article in our February/March issue), I’m considering satin stitching the blocks together. Any other ideas?

How do you keep up with your quilting when you’re on the go?

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