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2007 Calendar Contest Finalists

14 Apr 2006

Today's the day we posted the finalists on the Quilting Arts website, and we do it with mixed emotions. With more than 130 submissions, we were simply blown away this year, and the decision to narrow them down to the following was extremely difficult. We're genuinely thrilled for those who finaled, and also sad for those whose names don't appear below. We hope above all, that everyone had a lot of fun creating their quilts and will show them off with great pride!

Congratulations to the following finalists:

Natalya Aikens ("Watering My Garden")
Donna Anderson ("Selfish Alice")
Mai-Britt Alexon
Stephanie Blaney
Carolyn Carson ("Spring")
Donna Clauer
Susan Conaway
Jane Davila
Christine Eisenberg
Tina Feakes ("Harvest")
Donna Funnel
Annette Reid Guerrero
Lisabeth Gutierrez ("Daisy Cottage" and "Unchanted Garden")
Debra Harry
Gwen Hatchette
Tone Haugen-Cogburn ("Winter Pearls")
Mary Ann Herndon ("Lavender Layers")
Janet Hoetzel
Jane Johnston
Margarita Korioth
Chris Lacki
Heidi Lund
Beth Mastin
Sheryl Miller
Jane Reeves
Karen Schulz
Michele Shane
Susan Shie
Sue Siefkin
Patricia Smith
Laurie Swim
Debra Svitil ("The Source")
Catherine Valle
Karen Wallach
Elin Waterston

Click here to find out what the next step is for shipping your quilt to us.

To everyone who sent in a submission: We certainly loved looking at your artwork and reading the accompanying stories. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have such an amazing readership willing to share their art with us. Thank you!

Hope everyone has the opportunity to get into their garden this weekend.



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Marilyn League wrote
on 23 Apr 2006 1:16 PM
Boo hoo, my quilt was not chosen for the calendar. But that means the ones that WERE chosen must be fabulous to beat out my entry.