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10 Nov 2006

Thanks to reader support over the years, starting in 2007, both Quilting Arts Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors will be going to a six-issue publication schedule. Here's how the publishing schedules break down:

Quilting Arts Magazine

Cloth Paper Scissors

To say I'm excited about the new schedule is an understatement; it just means we can do so much more with both publications. With no quilt shows on the immediate horizon, we'll be heavily focused on editorial so if you have a piece of artwork or a technique you want us to feature, do tell us about it. (Submission guidelines can be found on our Quilting Arts, LLC, website.)

In celebration of the new publishing schedule, the first FIVE people who answer the following question AND email me their address will get a FREE ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION or RENEWAL to either Quilting Arts Magazine or Cloth Paper Scissors. Please note: You must be the first five to answer the following question on the blog and email me your address at

Question: What was the single most beautiful, inspiring piece of artwork you saw within the last twelve months and where did you see it? Why did the piece have so much meaning for you? If you don't remember the name or artist, please describe the piece and let us know where you saw it.
If you see that you're not in the first five, I hope you'll still share with us!

Now for some inspiration…

In September I mailed 30 people kind enough to read this blog a small package of embellishments, which included hand-dyed coffee filters, ribbons, papers, fabric, and other bits of ephemera. (To see the particulars of the challenge scroll down to the blog post entitled "In Thanks.")

There were no rules how to use the package particulars and the results show how diverse and creative all of you are. I am so humbled by the talent!

Here are just a handful of some of the creations (I'll be posting more later):

Sue Bleiweiss


Ginger Henkel



Joanna van Ritbergen


Karen Stiehl Osborn


Lisa Gallup


In other news, tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be connecting with Bernie Berlin in New Hampshire to meet my new dog Sophie from Bernie's rescue program, A Place To Bark. John and I are so excited to welcome Sophie to our family, and I hope to post some pictures on the blog soon to kick off Bernie's mixed-media auction on eBay later in the month.


Have a beautiful weekend, everybody.

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Terri Stegmiller wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 6:38 PM
I would have to say one of the most inspiring artists I've seen lately is Renee Harris @ Her work is totally exquisite. I love the nature feel to it.
Sandra Spagnuolo wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 6:50 PM
I recently took a workshop with an artist by the name of Jillian Roos Markowitz. Seeing that small group of artists creating with such joy and being lead my someone who is so giving of herself...the art we created that day was beautiful. It was a true representation of what happens when you just let go of the process and play.
Sue Bleiweiss wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 6:52 PM
I recently recieved a piece of artwork bought for me by someone at the houston quilt festival. A postcard by Jeri Riggs. A true piece of art made from the heart that now has a special place on the wall in my house to inspire me everyday.
carol Wiebe wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 6:55 PM
I posted my posting to inquiring minds acidentally. But it's Maggie Grey's piece as I said on that posting. Help! Carol Wiebe
Joanna van Ritbergen wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 6:57 PM
The most inspiring piece of artwork I have seen in the last 12 months was from Franz Marc who did a Yellow Cow. I made this into a postcard and loved the colors. The reason for the meaning was the bold colors and the colors represented feelings and ideas.
carol wiebe wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 6:57 PM
MAGGIE GREY has been a huge influence in my artoistic life--her incredible imagination, daring attitude and "i'll try anything" approach have really inspired me. In her CD "Paper and Beyond" she has a piece that exemplifies her style--a shrine using many different techniques (ch. 11, p. 10). Frankly, I could have chosen anything she made--I love her combination of disparate elements into a cohesive, exciting whole!
Diane Leftwich wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 7:05 PM
I recently came across the Rocks and Water series by Larkin Jean Van Horn; These works just pulled together many of the forms I am trying to and want to work with at the moment...beading, FME, silk dyeing, overlay, to name a few. Combined with the fantastic colour work and wonderful selection of embellishments on these works made my soul soar. What also took my breath away was that I had just recently made some swap ATC's based on topographical landscapes stitched on handdyed silk with some beading, without seeing these fantastic images first. As a result I am now inspired to make larger pieces experimenting with new embellishments and other techniques, continuing with my topographical landscapes theme. Thank you for the soul food and inspiration Larkin.
Normajean Brevik wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 7:26 PM
Hi Pokey, Pick just ONE inspiration? Now that's a hard one. I must say that I was thrilled with the little purse project in the recent issue of CPS. I'm not sure that I can commit to 1 a day but at least one a week is doable. :-) Thanks for the inspriation in EVERY issue. Hugs, Normajean Brevik
Brenda Jennings wrote
on 10 Nov 2006 10:29 PM
That's very exciting news about the new publishing schedule; I'll be looking forward to the extra issues. The single most inspiring non-quilt art I've seen recently is a new Chihuly exhibition at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus. I can't say I love every piece (some of the large works are just a bit too much for me), but I do love the overhead groupings, which are collages of form, color, depth, and of course the wonderful glow of the backlit pieces of glass. Now I need to get to the art museum to see the Degas exhibit...
Andee wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 12:01 AM
It's been a very inspirational year for me, in many directions. So I am sharing 5 links to people whose art inspired me, 3 of them art quilters and 2 of them wearable art artists. I would say arlinka's art quilts are my favorites if pressed to pick one. Art Quilters: Wearable art: I also liked the quilt "Bongwefela" By Sally Scott, I saw it online but I don't really remember where
Maggie wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 7:31 AM
Pokey,I am so excited my favourite magazines will be issued more frequently!! CHeck out Martha Brown and the group of very talented artists at Maggie
Jill wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 7:46 AM
Very excited about a magazine every month, just need to give up work now to cope with the extra inspiration. Quilt festival in Birmingham UK, love Laura Kemshalls new work.
Dianne Marcoux wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 7:53 AM
Hello Ladies I recently did a handmade book trade with a dear blogger friend Carol Clasper in Scottland She made me the most beautiful box and an amazing book it is posted on her blog. Carol is an inspiration to us always. Please check out her blog. Thanks Dianne
Angie wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 8:04 AM
Dear Pokey, I just have a suggestion to make about your little contests that I love... maybe you could take comments (or entries) to your contests until a certain time of day giving everyone an opportunity to actually get to see about the contest before there are already an abundance of entries with the first ones being the winnders! In my opinion, not that you asked for it, but because of the time zones, it doesn't seem to be a fair way to have a contest going by the "first 5" because it doesn't give everyone a chance to even find out about the contest before there are already winners. Maybe giving everyone until a certain time of day and then say you have 45 people that posted trying to win your contest. You could pick someone on staff and have them choose a number between 1-45 and the person whose post cooridinates with that number would be the winner! I know, it's childish to want to be fair but here I am up at 5:30 a.m. in Arizona and I see that already 11 people have posted to win this contest? And I read blog posts before I go to bed so I'd have to stay up all night waiting for an announcement and pounce to even have a chance! I'm sure I'm not the only one who notices this! Anyway, just a suggestion. So, even though I am not winning the contest, I'm posting my most inspiring artist for the past year. Her name is Noleen Ryan and she is a photographer. I just recently saw her work at her first "showing" and I literally stood with tears streaming down my face. They were just so beautiful and moving. She is just now working on a website which is still under major construction but she's someone to keep check on. Her web site address is: She is local here in Phoenix. Also, DJ Pettitt blows me away leaving me gasping out loud EVERY time I see her latest work on her blog. I'm blessed that she has become a sweet friend of mine too! I love to hear about her creative process and her work just awes me. Her blog address is:
Lena Bolton wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 8:37 AM
My daughter, Claudia Larkin, photographs of the Chihuly exhibit at the Fairchild Tropical Botantic Garden in Coral Gables this spring. Her ability to capture the beauty and reflection of Dale Chihuly glass floats got my creative brain "cell" working over time trying to come up with a way to take one of her pictures and make it 3-D ( have the floats pop off the picture ). I was successful in my quest. In addition to the 3-D picture I made 3 fiber postcards for FFAC for the Houston Festival from her photographs.
Lelainia wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 8:59 AM
Question: What was the single most beautiful, inspiring piece of artwork you saw within the last twelve months and where did you see it? Why did the piece have so much meaning for you? If you don't remember the name or artist, please describe the piece and let us know where you saw it. Well it's not exactly a single piece of art, but the art that made my jaw drop this year was some of Nina Bagley's jewellery. Her work is so achingly beautiful. She did some pieces with little birds this year and posted them to her blog. It's simply magical and the way she talks about the significance of her pieces makes you just adore her. She is truly a poet soul. I took a class with Nina a year and a half ago and to touch her pieces in person is magical. They are so warm and earthy you. Nina is the kind of artist that just inspires me to not only try to be a better artist, but a better person. Her work has a simple, honest truth to it. Lelainia Lloyd, Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Karen Cross wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 10:59 AM
Lots of work has inspired me this year... but if I have to pick one person it will be fabric artist Sonji Hunt. She paints her fabric and creates soaring, lyrical, bright, joyful, geometrical masterpieces. And with her blog she takes us on the journey with her. I am inspired by all of her work but the piece that hit me with a POW is shown on her June 13, 2006 blog entry (add ml to the end of the link) And even though I wasn't quick enough to be a winner, I feel like I am because of your new publishing schedule!!!! WAHOO!!!
susan barker wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 11:22 AM
Aw! my computer has been off line for 24 hours! But I do want to say a recent quilt that I saw that was very inspiring to me, was one that my friend Doris created. She is a traditional quilter and for her one of pleasures of quilting is finding fabrics that come from 2nd hand stores, or given to her by friends or other unconventional sources, then putting together a pieced quilt. A recent one she did was to collect cowboy fabrics and created a wonderfully "western" quilt for a young man's birthday celebration. Doris also purchased a Beeline quilting frame system and is quickly becoming known in our area for the meticulous detail to her machine quilting -- she has one rule though about quilting a quilt for her friends -- we MUST donate the quilt to our guild charity program!
Sandy Jandik wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 2:24 PM
I wasn't the first 5 this time, but I'm happy to see that each month I will get 1 of your wonderful magazines-been with you from the beginning. They are my favorites of all I read. The dog is adorable-have fun with it. Sandy
Beth Mastin wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 5:58 PM
I would have to say that the work of Annemeike Mein has had the most impact on me. I don't think that I could pick just one of her pieces. I love the detail she puts into her work. I would give almost anything to see her work in person!! But I just keep looking through her book again and again and again.......
Donna Funnell wrote
on 11 Nov 2006 7:49 PM
Wow, I am so glad my favourite magazines will be coming to me more often!!! And I am so pleased some one recommended my group, Fibre Art Studios to you for inspiring work. We are currently having a gallery show in Guelph, Ontario at the Greenwood Gallery. I have seen so many art pieces this year all worthy of recommending. The one I remember most was an awesome quilt: Myths of our Times: Intelligent Design by Barbara West Of Canmore Alberta at the Canadian Quilter's Asssociation Conference in May. If you like Turtles bearing the weight of the world, check it out at the website
Shelley Gaines wrote
on 12 Nov 2006 12:26 AM
Dear Ms. Bolton, I am so inspired by many artists, but I most enjoy Frieda Anderson's leaves quilt that was in the American Quilter magazine a few months ago. I don't remember the name of it, but it is a red background with green leaves in 3 rows. This piece spoke to me because of the colors she used and the composition in her quilts. They are simple looking, but so elegant. I love all her work! After seeing the article, I went to her website and saw mroe of her beautiful work. I love everything she does. I sent her an email and she actually emailed me back the same day! I couldn't believe it. I also loves leaves, so we have that in common. She is my inspiration! -Shelley Gaines
~~Melissa wrote
on 12 Nov 2006 8:55 AM
Fantastic news about the magazines! Lots of great inspirations here in the comment box to follow up on too. My inspirational choice in recent months is sunsets. I started taking photos around the same time each evening in the same place and when the photos are placed in a row, it's amazing how much things vary. Now I'm using the photos as a guide for hand dye-painting fabrics.
Majorie Dawson wrote
on 12 Nov 2006 1:55 PM
One inspiration, apart from your packed solid magazine! Hmm? Well, for me this year it's been a doll Calypso Caly by Pattie Culea, We live in New Zealand and I saw the doll in a doll magazine we get over here, and, Wow! the colours and decoration were soooo vibrant, and exciting and so vivid I just felt my inspiration buzzing - on fabric postcards, ATC's and fabric book deas. Yep, all from one colourful doll.
elizabeth jane michals wrote
on 13 Nov 2006 5:56 PM
did i get my response to your question about inspirational art experience too late to be posted. I have never answered you beofore. Perhaps I don't know your procedure
Robbi Eklow wrote
on 14 Nov 2006 6:20 PM
Well, I'm not sure how inspiring this was, but Samantha, my daughter, got a design I did tattooed on her foot. So, it's sorta nice that she likes me enough to carry my design around with her for the rest of her life or until she wakes up and gets it lasered off. And it should look good for a while, because I don't think you can get saggy feet. On the other hand, earlier in the year, at the Art Institute In Chicago, there was this piece of art that consisted of a pile of paper, about 2'x2'. It was giant lined note paper, with silver ink along the edges. You were supposed to take a piece of the paper with you. So the pile would get smaller and then the museum people would replace the paper. I kept the paper out and took notes on it the rest of the day. The same artist had created another work, a pile of candy. You were supposed to take a piece of candy too. It was to remind you of an unexpected treat in the course of a day. Normally I think stuff like that is stupid, but I liked it. In fact, I know I've seen some fantastic art this year, but I can't remember any of it right off the top of my head, except the pile of paper....
Maureen Curlewis wrote
on 23 Nov 2006 5:54 AM
Would you believe..... this time two years ago I wasn't "interested" in either CPS or QA,because I was 'obsessed' with hand work and CQ: then a friend in NZ kept sending me snippets of what she'd tried .......I HAD to check it out!Two other online friend mailed me loans of their 2003 copies and I was hooked big time! What got my juices stirring? well there was an article with sari yarns,polyester fabric and heat guns;Reverse applique( QA Winter 2005);Hot tip (QA winter 2005) Margaret Beal's articles; QA Summer 2006........... so much to try! so little time!
Margarita wrote
on 28 Nov 2006 8:16 AM
I would have to say one of the most inspiring artists is Sandy Gordon: Her colors combination and attention to details are amazing. Lately she is incorporated clay faces on her mini quilts and the results are phenomenal. Her works is going from ATC's, Bracelets, miniquilts, dolls and her last passion: Journals on her own way to do art. All this made her a mixed media artist with a unique and different style: Sandy’s Style. check her work you won't be dissapointed. Thank You
Margarita wrote
on 28 Nov 2006 8:38 AM
Hi is me again: Another wonder of nature is: Melanie Kane Brew Check her work is absolutelly amazing. Thank You
Shelley Gaines wrote
on 1 Dec 2006 12:19 AM
I loved the artwork by Rosalie Dace in the last issue! What beautiful work she does. I love everyone, though. I am so impressed by all the artists in Quilting Arts Mag. There are so many talented fiber artists. I hope to someday feel like I can do work in this arena. I am so impressed and inspired by all. thank you so much for sharing your techniques. Shelley Gaines
Corinne wrote
on 25 Jan 2007 4:15 PM
i was so touched to read of your adoption of Sophie the dog. it just so happens i have my own Sophie adoption story. my thing is cats and one day i was on my way into a Circuit City store when i heard a distinct "meow". looking around i couldn't find a source for the noise until i looked at the interior exit doorway where sat a white and gray small, long-haired cat looking up at me. i melted; the eyes looking up at me were alternating in color: one was bright blue and the other a clear green. she sat there amidst the traffic flow uttering one meow after another but no one was paying her the least attention. i worked my way towards her and slowly picked her up with no damage ;-) then i entered the store's interior entry door and went straight to the customer service counter. much to my astonishment an understanding employee gave me a big enough box to hide her in and i carted her around while i did my shopping. (it was a long way from home!) not a peep emerged from that box. when i got her out to my car my companion pointed out that i could hardly take her home. but my mind was whirling and i was thinking of the little laundry room at the rear of the house. and having been in the rescue business for years i had an extra litter box. still not a bit of sound uttered by the occupant of that computer box. at home she emerged and ate heartily and drank well. she wasn't the prettiest thing but her long hair would go a long way in finding her a home. i was exhausted so i said goodnight to all of my critters and climbed into bed. a midnight check on the new cat showed her sleeping soundly too. her name was Sophie. there was just no doubt about it. she had the spunk, the elegance, the playfulness and the reserve to earn the name. as the days flew by and Sophie continued to live in the laundry room an odd thing began to happen: she started changing color! those gray spots had been oil stains and she was slowly eradicating them from her fur. Sophie was a pure white cat!! a beauty. and those eyes just mesmerized you. to cut short a long tale she ended up being adopted by my father's neighbour who came over to visit another of my cats and fell head over heels for Sophie. her pre-existing cat wasn't too happy about the matter but they worked things out and now Sophie is the queen of the manor :-) may your Sophie have every advantage that mine ended up with and may you love her as much as i loved my Sophie before parting with her. i still visit her when i make the 3,000 mile journey to my old stomping grounds. there's something extra-special about a 'good' Sophie :-)