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20 Mar 2007

Book_cover_3 Almost here!  1000 Artist Trading Cards is not available until next month, but I got my advanced copy a short while ago.  What I love most about this gallery-style book is that these ATCs bridge both the art quilt and collage worlds. Lots of styles, themes, and techniques represented with your work. We'll be schlepping 100 books to Chicago for International Quilt Festival/Spring, so please stop by to pick up a copy. (For those not coming to Chicago, we'll also be having a pre-order option for this book on our website very soon.)

• If you have had artwork published in Cloth Paper Scissors and are planning on coming to Chicago for International Quilt Festival/Spring, please let me know. I still have a few time slots for the virtual studios for Make It University!™ if you want to share your art with the greater fiber art community. I'll even feed you chocolate (the really good kind).

Qa_26_cover Here's a sneak peak of our next cover of Quilting Arts. (I just got my advanced copy yesterday). This is a detail of “Fauna”, a collaborative quilt by Kathy York, Vicki Hallmark, Frances Holliday Alford, Judy Coates Perez, and Julie John Upshaw. Never before in the history of Quilting Arts Magazine have we dedicated eight entire pages to a single quilt, but it's that amazing. (I still have this quilt in my possession as we'll be featuring it in our Quilting Arts booth in Chicago.) Subscribers, this issue is being mailed as we speak, and for those who pick up Quilting Arts on the newsstands, expect to see it April 3rd.

Lastly, a question for the art quilt crowd: Besides art quilts, what else are you creating in fiber? Are you stitching anything for the home or for yourself? I actually made a kitchen apron last week. (For those who know me you'll see the irony of this.) You?

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Donna Anderson wrote
on 21 Mar 2007 5:45 AM
Good Morning! I am so eXcited about the ATC's book! I am painting quite a bit now, but on the side .. . made my son a pair of pj's, my daughter has a school dance, need to make a skirt in 3 days & when i just want down time . . . doll clothes. at night if i watch tv . . redwork block. i have 8 of 12 completed. Good for road trips too. What a wonderful life it is to be able to create fun stuff!
Kelli Perkins wrote
on 21 Mar 2007 8:27 AM
I made my first hand-dyed fabric and got over the fear--finally! It's so absolutely wonderful that I am making an altered board book covered with this luscious fabric in sherbet colors. Each page will be like a mini art quilt! Kelli
Lorri Chambers wrote
on 21 Mar 2007 8:55 AM
well today is a the one yr anniversary of my hubby being diagnosed with cancer He has beat it both the lung and the brain and is doing well. what does this have to do with what i am doing??/ Well for the last year I have been gainfully unemployed and took up my favorite thing love of fabrics and texture and expanded it into a year long discovery mission..I have made mini quilts last summer and handbags which I gave away to patients and caregivers at Duke hospital...made a large 3 d wall quilt of a dragonfly for auction to raise money for the CARING HOUSE where we stayed while hubby had treatments...then discovered trading cards this last excursion and made those and gave away to pateints and friends this last time...all this led me to a beautiful fun applique picture technique that I love and is selling well...I am using the technique to do framed pieces and dolls...Life is good and I am happy to be gainfully unemployed
Angie Platten wrote
on 21 Mar 2007 9:39 AM
I haven't sewn for home in a while but need to make some valances for my windows! Fiber often finds it's way into my book art in some way. I love to combine fabric and paper in the same project. I just finished a page for a collaborative LFB and I used fabric on my page. I've also done some little 3-D creatures for my kids!
Terri Takacs wrote
on 21 Mar 2007 10:35 AM
I got my copy of "1000 Trading Card's" on Monday and LOVE it!It will take quite a while to absorb it all! Happy Spring! Terri
Marjorie Dawson wrote
on 21 Mar 2007 3:48 PM
Apart from looking with eyes like saucers at that wonderful cover?? Oh right * blinks * I'm making art doll pins for my Etsy site 'whskr' and working on some new designs that I have drawn myself, AND I start a 'learn how to quilt properly' class with one of New Zealand's most talented ladies Chris Kenna. As a metric person this 1/4 inch seam lark is a challenge but oooh the fabrics :-) I'm also sat looking at a lovely fabric book cover that I have ground to a halt on - my mind is a blank on that one * g *
kelly wrote
on 21 Mar 2007 5:01 PM
Pokey, I can't wait to see the 1000 ATC. I saw a sneak peek (cover only) at CHA and it looks AWESOME. Love the direction that both CPS and QA are heading in. It is an honor to have an article published in CPS-thank you. Love how both the latest covers are green for March ;) (LOL) Best, Kelly
Ineke Berlyn wrote
on 22 Mar 2007 7:55 AM
For my home I've been playing with Lutradur and have made some brilliant sleeves for those tall square glass vases - decorated with tulips and filled the vases with tulips!
Holly Hudson wrote
on 23 Mar 2007 7:50 AM
Spring, 2007 has been filled with creating softies or plush toys! I have fallen seriously HARD for the Japanese patterns, books & magazines that feature these adorable felted toys. In the past, I made 20+ lap quilts (annually) for local charities. I think these toys can easily be donated to police & fire stations and shelters....quilting fabric scraps are perfect for this great new hobby. There are so many inspiring internet blogs to read about this wonderful craft, go exploring via GOGGLE! Holly Hudson
Deb Hardman wrote
on 24 Mar 2007 12:53 AM
Besides art quilts,& ATCs, I've made Lamp shades, & jewelry with thread play & bead embellishment, & my own reversible purses. I've been experimenting with needle felting, making a cozy for my iron (a nice Rowenta steam generator, which I melted the plastic housing over the generator, the first time I used it), & a hat, & purse.& I'm currently working on snowflakes to applique on an Irish Dance dress that I'm making for a friend...Hey, you asked!
Sue wrote
on 24 Mar 2007 10:01 PM
I'm always making a lot of different things. I've been making fabric postcards for a swap with some other quilters I met on-line, making some beaded wire & macrame jewelry, sewing a new purse & of course working on some quilts. I really want to try making some pincusions out of wool, I've seen some really cute ones on-line & want to make some of my own. Guess I shouldn't get started on things I want to make, or this post will never end....
Heidi Lund wrote
on 26 Mar 2007 3:53 PM
Odds & Ends: I've been crochetting many fabulous scarves. Yes, spring is here but it was still below 30 this morning. I've used great fibers like angora, silk, fun fur and a couple of the different ribbon yarns available. Now I have been creating dimensional shapes with yarns that I can add to my art quilts. Sorry no aprons Pokey!
Kathy Angel Lee wrote
on 26 Mar 2007 6:54 PM
I've been finishing up some long overdue projects in the quilting/art quilting area. But as a side trip, I made beautiful dresses for my granddaughters (ages 3-12/ and 16 months) out of a sari a friend brought from India. The sari has so much fabric and I was able to fussy cut and use the beautiful embroidered edges on the skirt and sleeve hems. Also made myself a reversible jacket from some fabric of a friend who recently passed away....I'll think of her when I wear the jacket. Kathy Angel Lee
Jane LaFazio wrote
on 27 Mar 2007 12:08 PM
I'm always doing 'house stuff.' Painting or re-decorating. Pillows for the sofa, cafe curtains for the kitchen made from african mudcloth, curtains with buttons on the top, then embellishing my clothes with buttons on the bottom of my pants, changing the buttons on my shirts, or adding a sacheko (sp?) stitched piece to the back of my jean jacket... gosh, I wish I was coming to Chicago--it would be fun to teach at the Make It U!
Chloe wrote
on 28 Mar 2007 1:53 PM
I still enjoy sewing my own clothes - it's a nice change of pace from obesssively free-motion quilting :-) I'm working on sewing my fiance a cozy wool flannel shirt... I should probably get off the internet and actually finish it LOL.
Zoe wrote
on 2 Apr 2007 4:05 AM
I came home from a weekend with my parents-in-law to find a copy of "1000 Artist Trading Cards" waiting for me!! Living in the UK, I was not expecting to recieve this for a couple of weeks =) WOW ... Its a wonderful book full of inspiration and ideas. I have already started to look though it again for the third time adding bookmarks on pages I want to go back too ! Thanks for a great book =)
Elle Jay wrote
on 3 Jan 2008 2:20 PM
Hi I really enjoyed reading your blog and I am on a mission to learn to use quilting in my altered coutere dresses for fun and for flattery. I think quilt art is a new mixed media for me to wear around. Hopefully I will be confident enough to wear it outside the house, too. Much love and care from a writer and artist. Elle Jay