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QA TV Series 200 Sneak Peek

29 Jan 2008

We’ve started taping for Series 200 of QA TV and I thought to give you a special, behind-the-scenes sneak-peek at how we put this together.

It all begins months in advance when Kathie Stull (owner/producer) and I discuss the themes for each episode. At minimum, I’m typically responsible for a three-minute segment per episode, and in theory, I’ve got them all “stepped out” days in advance. Alas, that didn’t happen this time around since we have a bit going on at QA headquarters, so I did as much as I physically could before I left Boston, then finished the rest in my hotel room. While people were dancing the night away at Singles Night in the hotel bar downstairs (yikes, what a scene), I was safely ensconced in my hotel room and sewed my heart out whilst watching a kazillion shows on A & E...


The next morning I taped all of my opens and closes (that's 13 wardrobe changes in about two hours). Over the course of the week, we tape multiple segments from each episode every day, depending upon guests' schedules. I’m not so good at remembering what I'm supposed to wear each episode, so I have a little help via a visual aid on the studio set door...

Guest Taping

Katie Pasquini-Masopust (affectionately known as Katie P-M) is not only a founding Rock Star in the art quilt world but she—as we Bostonians like to put it—has a wicked sense of humor! I am SO honored to kick off the season with her!Katie

And Judy Coates Perez (soon-to-be Cover Girl of Cloth Paper Scissors) was back to tape a cool segment on painted batting.


While the rest of the taping was taking place, the ladies of Sulky of America were busy in industry, knitting outside the green room. I cracked up when I saw them and had to snap a shot...


Okay, one may ask, what's up with the rubber fish fetish on QA TV (many an r-rated joke took place before the segment). As our features editor, Cate Prato (former Boston Globe writer) likes to say: It takes an x-rated mind to produce a g-rated paper. The same thinking can be applied to TV...


Here's Jane Davila, the artist extraordinaire who uses the fish. If you watch next season of QA TV, all will be explained to you...


Here we have Rayna Gillman and Claire Fenton. Not only highly talented artists but girls who know how to par-tay...

Look what they brought Helen Gregory (managing editor) and I the next day:


Question: What time of the day do you think this picture was taken?:

a. 5:00 PM
b. 12:30 PM
c. 8:24 AM

If you answered C, you'd be right!

If you want more behind-the-scenes info check back Super Bowl Sunday when I will be back home reminiscing on the taping, and watching my Patriots kick some Giants you-know-what.

If you have not gotten QA TV in your area yet, there's still hope! A number of cities are picking it up beginning in March, so check your local listings in early spring.

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Sandy Jandik wrote
on 30 Jan 2008 9:19 AM
I'm so pleased that you are doing the series and really glad about the DVD, since our local stations seem to drag their feet on anything new no matter how much we ask for a show. Thanks, Sandy
Phyllis in Sonoma wrote
on 30 Jan 2008 9:36 AM
Hi, I, too, am glad you offer DVD's for your new show. I can't get it in my area either, (San Francisco Bay Area). I've asked my local PBS stations to carry your show, too. Thanks for the sneak peaks!
Rayna wrote
on 30 Jan 2008 11:14 AM
You and Helen looked great for 8:24 a.m. - good thing nobody took a pic of Claire and me in our travel clothes and red eyes! What a great time we had! Truthfully, I would have loved the excuse to stay for the rest of the week just to play and observe. Thanks again for making this such a wonderful experience.
claire wrote
on 30 Jan 2008 8:09 PM
ditto to what rayna said! y'all have the world's best crew of people to work with. every single one went out of their way to make the experience as smooth and wonderful as it was.
Laura Krasinski wrote
on 31 Jan 2008 10:22 PM
I took a workshop with Katie a couple days before.. she is such a great teacher and person.. so down to earth.. you gotta love her... she was a bit nervous though.. from the photo it looks as though she got over that pretty quick..