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2009 Quilting Arts Calendar Finalists

17 Apr 2008

Okay, dear blog readers, it’s that time of year again to announce our Quilting Arts Calendar finalists. (I know it seems a little early to be thinking about 2009, but welcome to my world!)

With this year’s theme, “Celebrating Home,” we received 243 entries from around the globe, and many of these entries were very colorful and extremely personal. We loved admiring all of the entries and reading your stories of home, hearth, and childhood. And there were a number of them that had us laughing (we got a fair amount of cute pets at home this year). We thank everyone so much for participating, and hope—even if you are not a finalist—that you enjoyed the process and will display your quilt proudly.

People may wonder how in the world we are able to winnow the lot to a group of finalists. There are a few things the team considers when choosing the quilts:
1. Innovation and creative interpretation of the calendar theme we give you.
2. Mastery of art and design principles, use of surface design, embellishment, color, and quilting techniques.
3. As we are choosing the finalists, we are mindful of how many we have selected that correlate with a certain time of year. (For instance, we don’t want to have 20 entries depicting The Day of the Dead or Flag Day on our hands.)
4. And this is just as important as the above three: Is this quilt something that someone can stare at for an entire month?

One of the reasons I love our reader challenges is I discover new talent. There have been a number of entries from past years that may not have been a good fit for our calendar, but I have filed away for my own reference to follow up for articles and to check artists’ websites and blogs to see what else they are up to.

We ask that the following artists ship their quilt(s) to our offices so they arrive on or by Monday May 5,  2008. We strongly advise that you ship your work via FedEx or UPS to our street address, rather than USPS to our post office address. If you choose to ship via USPS, be sure to send with tracking so you can track your package, and please note they do not deliver to our street address. The address label on the box must have our post office box number—PO Box 685—on the package.

By sending your quilt(s) to us you agree per the challenge entry rules that we may hold onto your quilt(s) through December 31, 2009. (We usually send them back much earlier but we like the right to hold onto them so they can travel with us to national shows.)

Please ship your quilt(s) to:

Quilting Arts
ATTN: 2009 Calendar Contest
23 Gleasondale Rd
PO Box 685 (if using USPS)
Stow, MA

The 2009 Calendar finalists are:

Linda Aavedal
Natalya Aikens (both quilts)
Judy Alexander
Christine Alexiou
Polly Bean (“Home: Nest is Best!”)
Marianne Bettinger
Donna Clauer
Susan Conaway
Michelle Dobrin (both quilts)
Janet Davis
Cait Gordon
Tone Haugen-Cogburn
Linda Johnson
Susan B. Knapp (“Home Planet”)
Marisa Landa-Love
Susan Mayfield
Sylvia Naylor (both quilts)
Deb Nichol
Wen Redmond (both quilts)
Linda Weinstein


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Susan Brubaker Knapp wrote
on 17 Apr 2008 8:17 PM
I'm very honored that my work made the first cut. I've found this competition a great exercise in working small and trying new techniques and materials. Thank you for a wonderful magazine that teaches and inspires in every issue! – Susan
Heidi wrote
on 18 Apr 2008 11:32 AM
I found a fun quilting video about a couple of groups down in the Austin, Texas, area. It's about two quilting groups, the Blackland Quilt Guild and the Legacy Longarm Quilters. I thought y'all would enjoy it. The link is: Best, Heidi :)
Natalya wrote
on 18 Apr 2008 5:22 PM
Thank you so much! how exciting...
deb nichol wrote
on 19 Apr 2008 7:31 AM
SO exciting! I haven't stopped smiling all day. Thank you. My quilt will be winging its way to you this week.
Linda Aavedal wrote
on 19 Apr 2008 2:57 PM
*Thank you for this fun challenge and thinking my piece was good enough for the finalists. It was so much fun to work on , and you made my day ! Linda Aavedal
Wen Redmond wrote
on 27 Apr 2008 3:01 PM
I am so delighted to be included as a finalist again. It is always such a pleasure! Thank You for this wonderful opportunity!! Wen Redmond
Sherise Marie Wright wrote
on 29 Apr 2008 5:48 PM
Thank You, Quilting Arts Magazine! Even though I was not a finalist, I'm so proud of the other quilters and finalist who were chosen. I believe your magazine has inspired me as a quilter, and I am so blessed that I did enter my quilt this year for the first time. I can't wait to see what the challenge is for next year, and I can not wait to try again. Sherise Marie Wright :) Congratulations to all!:)