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September 2008 - Pokey

  • Fabric Stash Giveaway Part II

    Thanks so much to everyone who sent Barbara your favorite art book titles and answered my Snooze or Cruise vacation question from my previous entry. Some of your responses were hilarious! This past vacation I had intended to only be a cruiser, but alas...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 26 Sep 2008
  • Home from QA TV Taping

    As they say in TV speak, it’s a wrap! All 13 episodes of our third season of QA TV have taped. Now the editing and captioning fairies will work their magic so that Series 300 will be ready to air nationwide starting December 26. I had wanted to give a...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 2 Sep 2008
  • Collage & Quilt Opportunities Abound (and Meet the Joneses)

    Virginia Spiegel’s e-newsletter popped into my in-box earlier this week, letting me know that another Collage Mania auction to raise funds for the American Cancer Society will be taking place. Virginia’s efforts to raise funds and rally artists for ACS...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 4 Sep 2008
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  • How well do you know your editor? A two-part giveaway!

    This is the first of two blog entries where you, cherished blog reader, have the opportunity to receive a fat (and I mean FAT) stash of stenciled, screened, and stamped papers and hand-dyed fabrics. I will be giving 15 of these stashes away. Challenge...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 13 Sep 2008
  • Harvest Time At Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors

    **Please note there is a 10/1/08 update in the post below... Studios is here! In case you hadn't heard the news, the new Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS issue is now available! It is absolutely gorgeous (thanks to the hard work of editor Cate Prato and...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 29 Sep 2008