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October 2008 - Pokey

  • Tricks and Treats

    What's that saying: When the cat's away the mice will play? My husband's been out of town for the past week, and while he was gone, play I did… A few things have been on my mind lately: my beautiful hometown of San Francisco, the Grateful...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 7 Oct 2008
  • Houston: International Quilt Festival Scrapbook Pt. 1

      Festival is proving to be incredible...and incredibly boisterous. A blog entry sans words; I will add commentary to this post and previous posts as soon as I down a Zeus Juice and get more than four hours of sleep at night! (Check back soon if...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 30 Oct 2008
  • Talkin' Turkey (From Photo to Mini Quilt)

    The other morning while putting on a pot of jo', I spotted this surprising sight out of my kitchen window: Twelve hours later, same skyline: And the following morning when I tried to go to work: A gaggle of wild turkeys on my street stopped me in...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 20 Oct 2008
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  • Is there an author in the house?

    Here at Quilting Arts/ Cloth Paper Scissors headquarters, we have been holding our collective breath for a while now, anxiously awaiting the arrival of….drum roll… Cate's book ! Many moons ago, our features editor, Cate Coulacos Prato , did us proud...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 8 Oct 2008
  • Houston Day 2 - 3

    The fun continues... Caroline Devoy & Co. who have some scrumptious fabrics out with Michael Miller... See what I mean? I want to thank all of the companies in our industry for making yummy products that will attract the next generation of quilters...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 29 Oct 2008
  • Houston. And so it begins...

    Blog woes: I apologize for not posting over the weekend. If anyone has a Typepad account, you may know they're having lots of technical problems this month as they switch to a new server. I'm praying to the blog gods that they get this fixed soon...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 27 Oct 2008