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Houston: International Quilt Festival Scrapbook Pt. 1

30 Oct 2008

  Festival is proving to be incredible...and incredibly boisterous.

A blog entry sans words; I will add commentary to this post and previous posts as soon as I down a Zeus Juice and get more than four hours of sleep at night! (Check back soon if you can.)

IQA Winners Circle: Awards Night

Gail Thomas, Annette Hendricks, and Helen Godden A.K.A. The Three Sisters win "The World Of Beauty" award ($7500) for their "Seasonal Sisters" quilt. It was truly gorgeous!


Above, our very own Lyric Kinard demo'ing in Open Studios.

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Marie Johansen wrote
on 4 Nov 2008 5:06 PM
Pokey: Thank you so much for sharing your "crying/breakdown" issue. I thought it was just me - but I embarrassing myself on the plane back home with teary jags !
Sandie Somers wrote
on 25 Nov 2008 4:17 PM
I attended Quilt Festival this year and came across a new company that is producing instructional DVDs, Nine Patch Media. I checked them out on line when I returned home and ordered Pamela Allen's Think Like an Artist DVD and the Embellishment Kit that goes with it. What a great product. Pamela's lesson is wonderful, she is so engaging and her trunk show brings a tear to your eye. The kit comes with a lot of her signature embellishments. This was my best find at Festival!!!!