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Houston: What A long, strange (and wonderful) trip it's been!

4 Nov 2008

What an amazing, beautiful, surreal, funny, busy time we had in Houston! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Make It University!(TM)

I had every intention of blogging every day from the show floor. Ha ha, that's a good one. The laugh is on me. Simply put, we were too busy, and on top of that, Typepad did not want to play ball from the Hyatt hotel.

If you click on the left, you'll see a photo album where I will be putting LOADS of pictures over the next few days. (Some shots are there already, but I have tons more.) If you have some great photos, email them to me and I'll load them, too.

Open Studios at Make It University!(TM)

Helen Godden's daughter
 Above: Helen Godden's adorable daughter stitching in Open Studios. If she takes after her award-winning mother, we will all have to watch out for this one!

Jane open studios
Jane Davila drew quite a crowd with her fish printing (rubber fish, that is).

Helen Gregory laughing
We had the cutest couple from Belgium planted in the MIU area nearly the entire time. The wife took a number of workshops while her patient (and humorous) husband manned the ATC wall and helped us out (cutting velcro, pointing people to the lottery bowls for workshops, assisting artists in open studios). He's an honorary member of our team!

Katie Judy
Katie Kendrick and Judy Coates Perez finally meet and chummed it up like old pals.

Lisa e
Lisa Engelbrecht was on hand and made beautiful name plates with her famous calligraphy. (Thank you, Lisa!)

Leslie in wrkshop
Our very own bubbly Lesley Riley taught her surface design sampler workshop using Claudine Hellmuth's new paints from Ranger.


Seeing this was my 9th year in Houston, I finally decided to dress up, and I wasn't alone...

Jane barb me
 Jane Davila was––and I don't know how to put this politely––a Renaissance wench, Barbara was Dorothy (pigtails and all), and I dressed up as a hostess from "Laugh In."

Leslie jamie judy

 Leslie Jenison, Judy Perez, and Jamie Fingal.

Halloween staff 

Barbara and I with Helen Gregory who was "The Wind" for Halloween. We had a habit of walking to the show floor every morning from the Hyatt and on Halloween morning, someone stopped Helen and said, "Excuse me, Miss, but you have some things stuck to you."  No kidding. Cracked us up.

Jamie susie leslie

Jamie, Susie Monday, and Leslie Jenison.

  Judy robbi leslie pokey

Judy Perez, Robbi Joy Eklow, Lesley Riley, and moi.

SAQA/ Quilt Art Reception and Tiara Parade
Once again, Karey Bresenhan generously hosted a beautiful reception for SAQA and Quilt Art, and it was especially lively this year. Thank you, Karey!

Pamela allen

Above, Pamela Allen gives her best Queen's wave.

Holly Tiara
Our very own Holly Brackman, does too. (And used her book cover as the art for her tiara-–smart marketing!)

Surviving the Runway 80's Style with Cloth Paper Scissors

This is the silliest event at Make It University, but we have such a hilarious time doing it. On Saturday night we went back to the 80's, encouraging "designers" to fashion 80's garb for the runway finale. The stakes were very high for the winners as we had a lot of books, paints, and embellishments to award them.

Certain challenges took place along the way, including having to perform the Electric Slide (led by yours truly), dancing around the aisles to The Fixx, singing Tommy Tutone's "867-5309", among other humiliating tasks. Bottom line: we found out that most quilters have an inner-Madonna.

Rocker deb
Deb Boschert brings back the head band. (I can't help but think of Olivia Newton John and Xanadu.)

Designers help

Remember mall bangs from the 80s? Watch this YouTube:

Barbara Delaney getting her groove on as she passes out supplies. (No one is safe from me when I have a camera in hand.)

As Karey Bresenhan points out at the close of every show, all good things must come to an end. Bye, bye Houston. We had the best time!

Bye bye

Until we meet again...

Helen bye bye

** November 8 Update** Other Blog Posts on International Quilt Festival and Make It University(TM)! (If you blogged and you're missing from this list, let me know!)

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Jamie Fingal

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Natalya Aikens

Judy Coates Perez

Fiber on a Whim

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jane davila wrote
on 4 Nov 2008 12:14 PM
And a good time was had by all! It was an amazing week - you guys are the best!!
natalya wrote
on 4 Nov 2008 4:23 PM
you guys are sooo much fun! thank you!
Linda Teddlie Minton wrote
on 4 Nov 2008 4:32 PM
Pokey, thanks for the memories! And I love your new book! cheers, Linda in Houston
lyric Kinard wrote
on 4 Nov 2008 5:11 PM
OK - so NO WAY am I leaving on Saturday again - and miss the PARTY!!! I'm definitely there for Surviving the Runway next year! And I feel like crashing and burning too - only I have three weeks worth of laundry for seven people to run through. Maybe tomorrow.
Susie Monday wrote
on 5 Nov 2008 11:19 AM
Yippee. I had a great time teaching, meeting, recepting, and all, thanks for including me on the mixed media teaching schedule! I've posted the exercises I presented on my blog, for those who couldn't be there.
Jeannie wrote
on 6 Nov 2008 11:15 PM
I wish I had been there as you all are having so much fun. I just wanted to let you know I picked up your new book today and WOW! It is wonderful and full of inspiring art work. Way to go! Cheers.
Sharon Neth wrote
on 7 Nov 2008 8:49 AM
It looks like so much fun! But were is Jay? I thought he would at least be there with the mall bangs video? Honestly, I am sorry that I wasn't there... I feel like I missed too many good classes and possible goodies for my stash? Oh well, maybe next year when the economy is better? Thanks for showing the photos and videos!
Pokey wrote
on 7 Nov 2008 10:47 AM
Hi Sharon, My guess is Jay would have loved the mall bangs! Unfortunately he was just there for Market, not Festival. Hope you can join us next year in Houston (or Long beach or Chicago)!