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Announcing the Winners of the Quilting Arts Book and Stash of Fabrics!

11 Nov 2008

Fabrics I want to thank everybody so much for your in-depth responses to my questions about winter woes and planning a three-day art quilt retreat at my house. I was amazed at how long and thoughtful those responses were!

 What many of you said:

 Coping with winter

Make a lot of soup (Survey says this was the top #3 answer!)

Haul the sewing machine in front of the fireplace

Hand quilt on the couch

Knit (#2 answer!)

And the #1 answer in dealing with winter… drum roll…Bake!

On hosting a three-day art quilt retreat

Have chocolate on hand (and lots of it)

Wine (ditto)


Every participant shares one technique (Great idea!)

Felt scarves out of sweaters

Host a fat quarter swap (Fabulous idea, especially if those fat quarters are your own hand-dyed, stamped, screened, and stenciled works of art)


Some of the funniest comments

Cindylee wrote:

"P.S. Remember the bra quilt that hung in Houston few years back? The socks fabric you created could be border fabric and all your orphaned socks (embellished, of course) would make such a cool quilt. You go girl!"


Rachel said (on rooming with art quilters in Houston):

"Was that hotel room in Houston a retreat when every night it filled with master artists in their pajamas and you sometimes could not hear yourself think for the laughter; and the air was so thick with creativity and in-depth conversation that you could cut it with a rotary cutter." (Kudos for the play on words, Rachel.)


In dealing with my sock dilemma:

Send your Odd Socks to Hogwarts (Diana Feit)

-PS I know this is kinda' the boring way of doing things, but if you filled your sock drawer with black and/or white socks you would always have something to match -- well at least until you got down to the last two socks and had to go out and buy more...(Susan Barker)

-Joyce wrote: Every time my mom comes to visit she matches all the socks in my lost sock basket. (Must ask my mom to do this next time she comes for a visit.)

 -Linda Spreen gave a Beef Brisket recipe and also remarked:  What amazes me about your socks is that there is someone out there very accomplished and yet not organized with her socks.

Oh, Linda. You don't know me very well. Having to keep track of two of the same things is a daunting task for me. Case in point: Last Christmas I got a very nice pair of earrings and my first thought was not "Oh, how thoughtful" but rather "Oh, God, I'm destined to lose these."

But I digress… 

Congratulations to the following winners (drawn randomly) of the latest Quilting Arts Giveaway Sweepstakes! To make this quick and easy, if the following people could email me  your full name and mailing address and write in caps in the subject line: QA BOOK WINNER, I will send your goods to you tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

Congratulations go to:

Linda Friedman

Amanda in Houston

Carolyn J. from Pacific Northwest

Leilani Pierson

Rebecca Kemble

Mary K.

Morning Dove

Liz from Colorado (who says she loves winter and is part bear)

Now I'm going to get busy planning my small art quilt retreat over Superbowl weekend. After reading all of what you had to say (and everybody's comments warmed my heart), I honestly wish I had a place big enough for all of you to come on over!

 *** More shots of Houston have been posted in the photo album on the left***

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Lisa wrote
on 11 Nov 2008 2:05 PM
"Congratulations to all the winners!" She said with jealousy dripping from her words like wet socks.
morningDove wrote
on 12 Nov 2008 5:44 AM
oh boy, oh boy I am one of the grateful winners. I've sent my email info. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.
Susan Barker wrote
on 12 Nov 2008 7:01 AM
Normally I would also be green with envy because of those who have won this wonderful fabric, but yesterday I returned from a trip to attend the memorial of a family member -- I brought back with me about 8 years of gifts that I have given this lady, which was crocheted, knitted and sewn fleece socks! At least 40 pair! I only wish my big clumsy feet would fit into the tiny size I had made for her... Now what? A sock quilt in her memory? (a strange sense of humour, I have)
wyn flo wrote
on 12 Nov 2008 8:24 AM
Does anybody have any Flamingo material they want to sell? Wyn Flo
Bethel of Bethania wrote
on 12 Nov 2008 5:03 PM
Congratulations to the folks that have won this delightful fabric ... I'm not a 'sore looser' ... NOT ... I'm a dreadful shade of green ... ha ha... Have fun with your 'special' fabric & should you find you don't know what to do with it just pop me a line & I'll send you my snail mail address ;-}... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania
Vivika DeNegre wrote
on 13 Nov 2008 5:18 AM
Just Couldn't resist the sock reference: ODE TO MY SOCKS Maru Mori brought me a pair of socks which she knitted with her own sheepherder hands, two socks as soft as rabbits. I slipped my feet into them as if they were two cases knitted with threads of twilight and the pelt of sheep. Outrageous socks, my feet became two fish made of wool, two long sharks of ultramarine blue crossed by one golden hair, two gigantic blackbirds, two cannons: my feet were honored in this way by these heavenly socks. They were so beautiful that for the first time my fee t seemed to me unacceptable like two decrepit firemen, firemen unworthy of that embroidered fire, of those luminous socks. Nevertheless, I resisted the sharp temptation to save them as schoolboys keep fireflies, as scholars collect sacred documents, I resisted the wild impulse to put them in a golden cage and each day give them birdseed and chunks of pink melon. Like explorers in the jungle who hand over the rare green deer to the roasting spit and eat it with remorse, I stretched out my feet and pulled on the magnificent socks and then my shoes. And the moral of my ode is this: beauty is twice beauty and what is good is doubly good when it's a matter of two woolen socks in winter. y Socks By Pablo Neruda
Pokey wrote
on 13 Nov 2008 11:07 AM
Oh Vivika...hilarious. Muchas gracias por esto!
morningDove wrote
on 22 Nov 2008 3:49 AM
for some reason your email kicked back my addy post. So i am not sure if you received my address info for mailing me a gift. Is there something wrong with the email link? dove