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Special Quilting Arts & Cloth Paper Scissors News for 2009

24 Nov 2008

Some news that I can at long last share with you...

Ready to get floored?
Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS is going to a four-issue publication schedule in 2009! Cate Prato will be at the helm as Editor for this magazine, so if you have a studio you want to share, are planning a studio renovation, have some organizational tips, or want to write for the magazine, be sure to let her know! She has a lot of great ideas for this publication and we’d sincerely love for you to be a part of it!

Stitch This…
Quilting Arts/Interweave STITCH, our new sewing publication superbly assembled and edited by Tricia Waddell (Editorial Director for books at Interweave), will be published again next year. Check out the STITCH website to learn more about why this magazine is generating so much excitement.

Feeling crafty this holiday season?
Quilting Arts GIFTS will once again hit the stands next fall and we start planning this issue in January. So if you’re making quilted gifts this holiday season, now is a good time to send your ideas to us for consideration.

On the Tube
QA TV Series 300 uplinks on PBS starting December 26th, so check your local PBS listings for times, or go to the website to find a station near you. If you want to see what happens this season, this blog entry highlights some of the talented guests we were honored to feature.

More news for 2009 still to come, so please check back.

In closing, I want to thank everyone for your comments and emails regarding our silly holiday video. I am so glad our lunch break shenanigans amused you! Bottom line: An office that dances together (albeit foolishly), stays together.

More tomorrow,



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Jessica wrote
on 25 Nov 2008 3:45 PM
Got my Quilting Arts Gifts issue!! And, have to are really in tune with us artisans! 3 of the projects in this beautiful magazine are in my sketch book, ideas not fully truly, this issue is special to me - I feel like I'm on the right track! My daughter is eager to try a fabric discharge project (from the Aug/Sep 2007 issue)! Thank you for sharing the varied ways of achieving such pretty effects! Happy Holidays! ~ Jes Happy Holidays!
waterrose wrote
on 25 Nov 2008 4:30 PM
It's wonderful to see that the studio issue will become a regular! Maybe I can get mine organized and send in some pic's! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.