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Quilting Arts Pays a Thanksgiving Tribute to Sally Murray

26 Nov 2008

It’s Thanksgiving Eve here at Quilting Arts / Cloth Paper Scissors Headquarters, and man, are we ever thankful! We have jobs we love, we work with talented and fun people, we get to see fabulous art every day, and when we’re not panicked to meet a deadline, we generally have a good ole’ time.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but this Thanksgiving I’m feeling especially grateful (and a little emotional) because one of our own is fleeing the coop to spend more time with her family. And it’s someone to whom I am forever indebted: My sister-in-law Sally Murray. 
Sal Dancing
Sal has been with Quilting Arts since the very beginning. She was Quilting Arts’ first employee (who, by the way, didn’t take any pay for a long while until we got on our feet). In the olden days when Quilting Arts was out of our house, she came over every day to help me answer phones, pack boxes, process orders, unpack and pack quilts, etc. And if you have been a subscriber over the years, Sally has been the one who handled your subscription.
Sal di
No task has ever been beneath Sal. She is the first person to drop everything to help others in the office—whether it's answering a computer question, replacing ink in the printer, ordering paper clips, or assisting those of us who still can’t figure out the postage meter (:::cough:::).

Always cheerful (no matter how tough or stressed things have gotten), she is one of the few people able to cajole me out of a bad mood.

I have been in total denial that she is leaving us, and the other day while her exit interview was being conducted in the adjoining room, I actually put my iPod on as I just didn’t want to hear—or face—the reality that she was leaving.

Sal, all of us at Quilting Arts ––and I think I speak for those who have called to place an order or fix a subscription problem—we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a friendly, devout support.
We wish you a joyful next chapter in your life. And I know this is starting to feel perilously close to a Casey Kasem Long Distance dedication, but I can’t figure out a better way to pay tribute to you than to post your very favorite musical artist singing a classic.... for a class act:

Billy Joel's “The Stranger.” (Just promise me you won’t ever become one.)

Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and celebrating all the special peeps' in our lives!

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geri stevens wrote
on 26 Nov 2008 10:27 AM
Sally, thank you so much for all the help you've given me over the past 5 years. You're patience and good humor helped me to feel comfortable with all the new challenges we faced. I'll miss you! Geri
Barb wrote
on 26 Nov 2008 12:01 PM
Sal, Thank you for all that you brought to the office: knowledge, help, humor, and more. It was always a pleasure working with you. You will be missed! ~ Barb
Cate wrote
on 26 Nov 2008 12:02 PM
Sally, how do you change the printer ink? Where are the pens? How much is it to mail a magazine to New Zealand? Which envelope do I use? What's the soup selection at The Bean? How do you manage to be so pleasant and patient all the time? Most of all, when are you coming back? We miss you already!
Barb Staszak wrote
on 26 Nov 2008 12:38 PM
Sally, We all need to take a page from your play book. You ALWAYS manage to stay calm, collected and so very nice. I'm constantly amazed and I know I will miss your calming influence. Very best wishes to you and please visit often! We'll need it! -Barb S
John wrote
on 26 Nov 2008 7:45 PM
Sally- You light up a room with your incredible personality and intuitive thinking. Thank you for being such a great peer and partner. You have been integral to the success of Quilting Arts. Enjoy your family. You deserve it! - JB
Helen wrote
on 26 Nov 2008 7:59 PM
Sally- I'm still in denial. I never knew half of what you did - because you did it quietly, efficiently, and extremely effectively, including late nights and weekends. We'll all feel your absence and we'll miss you. Someday I want to hear stories of the early days. We all owe you for your contributions to the very start of Quilting Arts. Thank you, Sally! All the best to you and your family. I know you'll always treasure this time. Best, Helen
lucy wrote
on 27 Nov 2008 8:13 AM
It's obvious that you are loved and will be dearly missed by everyone. Best wishes for this next phase of your life. Thank you for all you've done over the years to make the Quilting Arts family and business run so smoothly! CPS reader and contributor, Jodi Ohl
Cheryl wrote
on 27 Nov 2008 9:52 AM
Sally- As a loyal reader, we're sad to see you go. You helped create one of the best companies for artists around! All the best!
Sally wrote
on 30 Nov 2008 8:27 PM
Pokey - Thank you so much for the heartfelt tribute. We have certainly had a lot of fun over the years! It has truly been a pleasure to work for you and John. This experience has been a great ride and the memories we have created together will be treasured forever. I will miss working with you, everyone at the Stow office and beyond. :) See you soon.....Sally
Joyce wrote
on 2 Dec 2008 9:17 AM
Sal, Thanks for all you've done to get QA off and running!! It is my favorite magazine and I love all the new additions with DVDs & the show! Thank you!!