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Winners in the New Year!

6 Jan 2009

2009 fabrics
Congratulations to following 10 people for winning the first QA Blog fabric raffle for 2009!

Thanks to everyone for posting your resolutions, goals, and good wishes for the New Year. We loved reading what you all aspire to accomplish by the end of the year. (You're an ambitious lot!)

I ask that the following people email me your full name and mailing address, and in the subject line of your email write (in caps) 2009 WINNER.  Once everyone has emailed me, I will get the goods out to you (probably within the next ten days).

Willa (OK, I admit I purposely picked Willa for being the very first to comment in the New Year.)
Alice (of Aliceandjo)
Melissa (who posted at Jan 2, 6:12 PM)
Elaine Koenig
The Quilt Rat
Karen Christensen
Beth M.
Mary Ann Van Soest
Katie (Raggamuffingal)

If you didn't win some fabrics, you can still win a heart…

I found the following news story via Laura Krasinski about a young boy battling a rare form of brain cancer. To keep him distracted from painful chemo. treatments, he loves collecting postcards from around the globe. I bet he would equally love handmade postcards, too. Will you join me in sending him one? Click on the image below to see Connor's story...


Lastly, we are hard at work on our March/April issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and have a burning question for you!

How have you improvised? When you can’t find—or don’t have—the tool you really want, what’s the silliest (or craziest) substitution you’ve ever made? And what were the results? We’d love to know. Send your responses to

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Sylvia P. wrote
on 7 Jan 2009 6:28 AM
What a cute little boy! I will definitely send a postcard. Thanks for posting the link.