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Bernina and Quilting Arts TV!

26 Feb 2009

I have kept mum about this for months but I can finally rip the duct tape off of my mouth and spill the news: Bernina is now the sewing machine sponsor of Quilting Arts TV!

I have been a fan of Bernina and their sewing machines since Day One of Quilting Arts when my husband and I walked by the Bernina booth in Houston years ago. There he surprised me by buying a 180 model.  Truth be told, over the years, this has been the gift I have treasured the most!

Last week on my way to the Quilting Arts TV taping (where I am now), I attended the Bernina Reunion in Chicago. Here, they let a number of top quilters and sewers learn more about their new, top-of-the-line 830 machines. This machine is HUGE and allows for a larger workspace (meaning, no more frustration scrunching up your art quilts as you quilt). Plus it has some amazing features that make quilting/ sewing a total breeze.

Bobbie Aug and I shared a machine for the weekend. (This picture shows you the scale of this machine.)

Pokey Bobbie

Helen can't keep her excitement inside...

Helen's hapy!

Not only did we learn more about this machine (and to sum up it’s the Rolls Royce of sewing machines), I got the help of fellow art quilters to offer feedback on my Quilting Arts TV segments I was taping just a few days later. I can always count on Yvonne Porcella to help me in a fix (and to be blunt) so at night during the Bernina Reunion, we brought my 180 into the recreation/ bar area and we sewed. Thank you, Yvonne!
Yvonne helps
Tomorrow I will post some videos from the Quilting Arts TV taping, which is proving to be incredibly fun and creative. More soon...

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Lisa wrote
on 27 Feb 2009 11:06 AM
Oh fun. I have been wishing for a midarm machine myself lately. It's one of those things I will dream about and save for. *deep sigh*
Joyce wrote
on 27 Feb 2009 1:01 PM
Yippee!! I'm so excited you now have Bernina as a sponsor. Congrats!!
Sharon Neth wrote
on 27 Feb 2009 3:00 PM
Oooo... I love that large working area for free motion! How dreamy is THAT machine? Maybe the fairy goddess will buy it for me one day? That is if I wish hard enough... *sigh*
Judy in CA wrote
on 27 Feb 2009 5:27 PM
oh WOW, what a fab machine! And Bernina on QA TV? How COOL!