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Quilting Arts Uncensored and Make It University! at International Quilt Festival/Long Beach

18 Jun 2009

OK, Everybody! It's time to take the “Quilting Arts Uncensored: The Stuff You're Not Supposed to Know” Quiz!

Are you ready? Which of the following statements is true? 

A. For the very first Quilting Arts calendar we published in 2001, the printer mistakenly flipped a couple of the images for the months, so that the Thanksgiving turkey for November ended up appearing on the month of March. When I pointed out the error to the printer, they first argued that, indeed, turkeys are around during the month of March, and so therefore it wasn't really necessary to reprint all 5,000 copies.

B. Back in the day when it was just my sister-in-law, Sally, and me, and Quilting Arts was run out of my house, Sally was so upset after fielding her first disgruntled subscriber call, she burst into tears and sobbed, "But she was so mean to me!" (You've come a long way, Sally!)

C. After 9/11, instead of flying from Boston to Houston for the International Quilt Festival, my other sister-in-law, Ann-Marie and I thought a more prudent option was to drive a Winnebago down to Texas. While driving along the Interstate in Tennessee, we ignored the weather advisory on the radio warning about tornadoes in the area, and with tornado-force winds and golf-ball-sized hail pounding the Winnebago, we hugged each other, called our husbands, and told them we were going to die. Minutes later when the storm passed, we drove to Wal•Mart, bought Abba's Greatest Hits, a 12-pack of Smirnoff Ice, and spent the night in the parking lot. 

D. Someone called me once to tell me they were stopping their magazine subscription because Quilting Arts had become too pagan.

E. I got a letter from a viewer of Quilting Arts TV, telling me that her hair looks better when she rolls out of bed in the morning than my hair does on set.

F. All of the above are true.




If you picked F, congratulations, you are right! To hear more whacky stories about what it was like to launch Quilting Arts Magazine® and Cloth Paper Scissors®, and to be in the running for some great door prizes, come join me for my luncheon in Long Beach at the International Quilt Festival on Thursday, July 23. Details can be found on the Quilts, Inc., website.


Below is the list of Make It University!™ Workshops with Cloth Paper Scissors being offered at International Quilt Festival/ Long Beach. We have a fabulous lineup of artists so I hope you'll come and join us Friday, July 24–Sunday, July 26.


Above: Stamps by Alisa Burke

Make It University!™ with Cloth Paper Scissors® Workshops

These workshops will be taught by exhibitors and artists in the Make It University!™ with Cloth Paper Scissors pavilion, with a maximum of 25 people per session. The fee for each workshop is $10, and workshop participation will be determined by lottery. Each workshop will have its own lottery. The lottery will open for each workshop the day the workshop is given, and people may put their name in each workshop lottery jar from the time the show opens that day up until 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. Participants may put their name in each workshop lottery only once, but may put their name in as many different workshop lotteries as they choose. People must be physically present 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop to hear if their name is called. If the person isn’t present, unfortunately their spot will be forfeited and another name will be called.


Thursday (Preview Night)

5:30–6:30            Metal Meanders

Create a unique card with soft metal. Emboss, paint, distress, and hand-stitch.

—Beryl Taylor, Cloth Paper Scissors®


7:00–7:30            Make It University! Mixed-media and Fiber Art Raffle

Stop by and put your name in the raffle for free mixed-media and fiber supplies!

––Hosted by Pokey Bolton, Cloth Paper Scissors®

8:00–9:00       Hand-carved Stamps
Why purchase all of your stamps when you can make some yourself! Learn a variety of unique ways to make your very own handmade stamps with easy-to-use materials.  

—Alisa Burke, Cloth Paper Scissors®




10:30–11:30             Ficklestick Jewelry

Create a daisy necklace or bracelet of choice using a variety of fabrics and wire.

Diana Taylor, Stickball–Home of Ficklesticks

12:00–1:00            Mixed-media Scroll 

Create a small wall hanging with fabric, felt, screening, and more. Paint, stamp, stitch, and then add sleeves and chop sticks, top and bottom, for fun.

—Jamie Fingal, Cloth Paper Scissors®

1:30–2:30             Wish You Were Here” Mixed-media Postcard

Combine cloth, paper, Lutradur®, and a variety of mark-making tools to create a keepsake from Long Beach.

Leslie Jenison, Cloth Paper Scissors®

3:00–4:00   ATCs, Organza, ATCs: Oh my!

Create artist trading cards with freezer paper and silk organza. Learn about resists, paints, and glues while making some awesome ATCs.

Melanie Testa, Cloth Paper Scissors®

4:30–5:30             Fanciful Felted Fruits

Create felted wool balls and then transform them into colorful decorative fruit ornaments using scraps of wool felt and colorful embroidery floss. 

—Judy Coates Perez, Cloth Paper Scissors®

6:00–7:00               Resin Jewelry and Much More

Embed quilt art or interesting fabrics, paper, buttons, or beads to create resin pieces that can be used for pins, magnets, and more.

—Fran Valera, Little Windows™



10:15–11:15            “Treasure Heart” 

Create a greeting card or a small wall hanging with fabric, a padded silk heart, hand stitching, and beads.

Beryl Taylor, Cloth Paper Scissors®

11:45–12:45     Living Postcards
Make it simple or make it rich; create a postcard-sized tableau. Scratch, draw, and carve into the surface, apply fabrics, stamps, and collage for texture.

—Rebecca Stuart, Stuart Gill, Ltd

1:15–2:15            Playing with Zap Cloth

Create a base for embellishment. Learn to use pure pigment dyes, layer metallic paints, and adhere zap cloth to a velvet base.

—Barbara Matthiessen, Earth Safe Finishes

2:45–3:45       Creative Cuff
Create a cuff bracelet from painted fabric, buttons, canvas, and an assortment of non-traditional, recycled materials.

—Alisa Burke, Cloth Paper Scissors®

4:00–5:00               Metal Magic: You Can Stitch Through Metal!

Work with Grungeboard™, metal, transfers, paints, and stitch to create fun, little pieces of art.

—Judy Coates Perez, Cloth Paper Scissors®

5:30–7:00             Surviving the Runway, ‘60s Style: The Ultimate Creative Challenge with Cloth Paper Scissors®. Join Pokey as we go back to the days of The Beatles and The Beach Boys and participate in a Flower Power mixed-media challenge that will leave you in stitches. Wonderful assortment of prizes, including art quilting and collage books, DVDs, threads, and tools given to those who survive the runway!

Pokey Bolton, Cloth Paper Scissors®



10:30–11:30            Traveling Art Box

Decorate a small tin box, fill it with accordion-folded paper, and be ready to create art on-the-go, or have your art samples at the ready.

—Jamie Fingal, Cloth Paper Scissors®   

12:00–1:00    Easy Graffiti!                                                     

Learn about graffiti and tons of graffiti-inspired techniques that can be applied to fabric, paper, and mixed-media projects.

—Alisa Burke, Cloth Paper Scissors®








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jojo wrote
on 18 Jun 2009 7:14 PM

Can't wait!  See you all there:)  


defling wrote
on 18 Jun 2009 7:33 PM

The workshops look fantastic!

cazms5 wrote
on 19 Jun 2009 7:49 AM

The workshops sound amazing...wish I could go!  I'm still waiting for the east coast version of the International Quilt Festival.  Any plans to add another site?


jojo wrote
on 19 Jul 2009 8:59 PM

Is there a schedule for Open Studios?  Specifically I want to know when some artists will be there:)

Jane LaFazio wrote
on 22 Jul 2009 4:54 PM

I'm doing open studios on Friday from 12:30-2:30 and Sunday, 12:30-2:30 at the Long Beach Quilt Festival. Come by an see me if you're there. Oh, yea, and I'll be at the Uncensored Luncheon too. Can't wait to hear what Pokey has to say!

Jane LaFazio