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Sneak Peek at the QA GIFTS Photo Shoot- Christmas in June

19 Jun 2009

Even though the summer solstice isn't upon us quite yet, it was already Christmas at Chez Pokey this past week as we decked the halls with holly, spruce, white lights, and holiday candies in preparation for our Quilting Arts GIFTS  photo shoot. 

My garden might be in full bloom, but tubs of tree ornaments and holiday faire were littered throughout the house. Even my poor dog was confused:

Lights on the tree in preparation for the handmade ornaments by some of our favorite Quilting Arts artists.

In our library/office, we took a number of shots, including a couple for Diane Doran's articles. That's Larry Stein, our photographer (kneeling) with Assistant Dan.

In the dining room, Larissa was experimenting with a cover shot. (I can't quite reveal that yet.)

We couldn't resist having fun with Diana Taylor's Ficklestick Santas.

"Giddyup, Candlestick!" (Said the Ficklestick)

More on the Quilting Arts 2009/2010 GIFTS issue coming soon! We have a number of gift ideas and patterns in this issue, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or the wintery season as a whole

I am glad to have the ornaments packed, the tree stored, and to have my house back in good order for summer! Now if only this blasted rain would ever go away...



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dianedoran wrote
on 19 Jun 2009 9:36 AM

Hey, if I squint, and get really close to the monitor, I recognize what they're photographing in the library. How fitting to take the photos there!

jude3944 wrote
on 15 Aug 2009 3:22 PM

Where can we buy the Ficklesticks? They are so cute.. Thanks  Jude a newbee