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Let's Get This Party Started! Make It University! & QUILT SCENE

13 Oct 2009


Above: My copy of QUILT SCENE sits proudly on my hotel pillow.

As I'm writing this blog entry, I am in my hotel room getting myself all dolled up for tonight's IQA Award Ceremony in Houston, where...drum roll...International Quilt Festival: QUILT SCENE will finally be making its debut! I am really thrilled to have our newest magazine baby see the light of day. Thanks to the hard work and artful contributions of so, so many talented people, QUILT SCENE really does encompass all of the things that make our quilting community so special. It was such an honor for me to work on this publication!


Make It University!

Above: Open Studios artist Jamie Fingal created a logo for MIU commemorating 35 fabulous years of Festival. Thanks, Jamie!

Tomorrow is the Preview Night for International Quilt Festival, so if you're here in Houston, be sure to stop by Make It University! and the Quilting Arts Booth (#1244). During the entire time the show is open I will be conducting random drawings and giveaways such as FREE magazines, books, videos, and Moda fabrics (that are to die for).  We start things with a bang with our mixed-media raffle Wednesday night, and the raffle fun continues through Saturday night for the frivolous (and hilarious) event, "Surviving the Runway." And don't forget to post why you are happy to be a quilter on the Quilt Scene to put your name in the raffle for a tremendous bag of goodies.


Want to be seen on the Quilt Scene in Houston? Buy a copy at Quilt Festival and we'll give you a special slip of paper that will be your ticket to getting your beautiful face published in an upcoming publication. More details at the Make It University! area, so be sure to stop by.

Make It University! begins tomorrow night, and I am so eager to see old friends and make new ones. Let's get this party started!

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patleiby wrote
on 13 Oct 2009 5:02 PM

So glad you are enjoying the HQF.  Many, many years I spent the entire time taking classes and keeping the vendors in business. But no more, Old age catches up . Enjoy  A Faithful reader.

SewLindaAnn wrote
on 14 Oct 2009 5:30 AM

I am happy to be a quilter on the quilt scene because of all the amazing techniques, tools and creative inspiration out there. There's so much to do and play with it's an open field for everyone. With online tutorials, blogs, etc. and the amazing magazines like Quilting Arts, etc. there's something for everyone inner artist to try.

Jeannie EVH wrote
on 15 Oct 2009 5:45 PM

Party on! I only wish I could be there having fun with you. Looking forward to getting my copy of the new mag.

pinkgypsy wrote
on 15 Oct 2009 9:39 PM

I pre-ordered a copy of Quilt Festival and am sadly sitting here in Indiana awaiting its arrival!!! After being in Houston for 2 previous years I am not in a good mood being here and not there!  Estelle