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A Magazine Cover to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder!

12 Jan 2010

Have the frigid temps, icy roads, and price hikes in produce got you down? Let's see if we can cheer you up with a sneak peek at the February/ March 2010 cover of Quilting Arts...

This cover features a detailed shot of Kathy York's "Falling Through the Cracks,"  a quilt we all adored when we saw it in Houston this past fall.  For me, there's a lot to love about this quilt. The eye-popping colors that are like defibrillators for an art-starved soul; the bright and shiny buttons that look like candy; and Kathy's whimsical machine stitching, including Kathy's use of the satin stitch (which is what she shows us how to master in her article).

There are a lot of great things in this February/ March issue, including the introduction of Susan Brubaker Knapp's machine stitching column, Pippa's artist profile of surface design artist Astrid Hilger Bennett, tips for creating figures in fabric with Leni Wiener, a sampling of the Masters' quilts, and much more. (Check out this link to see the full table of contents.) This issue hits the newsstands on February 2, but is currently on its way to subscribers.

As editors, it's our hope during this cold and blustery winter that you wont need a dose of light therapy to combat S.A.D. if you keep this issue close by.

Hope you enjoy!






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Muppin wrote
on 12 Jan 2010 8:21 AM


on 12 Jan 2010 9:09 AM

Oh, I adore Kathy's work. Can't wait to see more of it in this issue!

Jeanelle@5 wrote
on 13 Jan 2010 8:07 AM

Can't wait to look at the sunshine filled cover. Kathy's work is so inspiring.

Liz Kettle wrote
on 13 Jan 2010 7:14 PM

Love it! Can't wait for mine.