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Hope and Help for Haiti: What’s a Quilter to Do?

19 Jan 2010

I’ve gotten email from a number of people asking if I know of a reputable organization that is coordinating quilt distribution to Haiti, and to be honest, at this time, I do not. As quilters, by nature, we want to use our skills to help, but at this stage things are so desperate and chaotic, so many people in need of rescue, food, water, and medical attention, it’s tough to think of anything else.

I am certain that over time, there will be a need for quilts to comfort those who have endured such incredible, mind-boggling, inconsolable loss. But right now, the people of Haiti need our help in more immediate, life-sustaining ways.

As soon as I am aware of massive efforts and outlets for quilts, I will share this information on my blog. But in the meantime, CNN has a page of reputable charities to send funds.

Our hearts and thoughts go to the people of Haiti, to those who have lost their lives, to those still clinging to life and in need of rescue, and to the rescuers who are working so persistently and tirelessly to finding them.

 Here’s to Hope… 


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jude20 wrote
on 19 Jan 2010 6:59 PM

it is so hot there, maybe money is a better idea. to wrap them in comfort. that is the concept to embrace....

broodmom wrote
on 19 Jan 2010 7:05 PM

It is so frustrating not to be able to DO something to help, but I think that in these early stages of the disaster, money to reputable organizations is what's needed most - money to pay for fuel, water and food, medical supplies and equipment, support for personnel who are already there.  Comfort quilts will be needed after the basic support is taken care of, so there's no reason we can't start making them to send when there's a quilt distribution set up, hopefully in the next few months.

on 20 Jan 2010 5:19 AM

Not related to the Haiti crisis, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful fabrics I won at the "first of the year random giveaway."  They are delicious!  I will send pics of fiber art created with them in the future.  

cindylee4 wrote
on 22 Jan 2010 1:01 PM

In addition to the charities listed in your blog post, Pokey, many concerned for Haiti quilters and other artists are participating  by donating  &/or purchasing handmade items through : Help For Haiti From Etsy Shops by HeartsforHaiti on Etsy.  All proceeds are given directly to Doctors Without Borders.  This is a good way to meet the creative need to make something and help the people of Haiti at the same time.

on 25 Jan 2010 2:42 PM

Just got the mail and goody my Quilting Arts magazine was in the box.

Sat down at the table and looked through it without taking off my coat. Yes its snowing here in Indiana again.

I got to the last page by the time I finished the Goddess of the Last Minute I was laughing so hard there were tears in my eyes.

Robbi Joy Eklow  touched my buttons. I too went back to college for art  at the age of 66 and found out the delight of hanging with 19 and 20 year olds. Their minds are so bright they bring out the best in us mature students but the funny thing is the professor  wrote on my final report that she appreciated my challenging  the kids to do more. She said it was her most productive class in years.

I also enjoyed getting mail to the parents of Mary Ann. My mom is in assisted living too. And like 1961 I was reported to the deans office the first day too. Can't just park that SUV anywhere.

The quilts in the magazine took my breath away. Each issue you seem to find better and new things for us to feast our eyes on.

Mary Ann