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2011 "Flavor of the Month" Calendar Girls

10 May 2010

There's a whole lot happenin' here at Quilting Arts these days. We have a lot of art quilts here for various publications (including a top secret project that we can't wait to tell you about soon), and let's not forget the Quilting Arts 2011 Calendar Contest!

This year's calendar theme, "Flavor of the Month" inspired a number of you to celebrate your favorite eats, including your love for ice cream.

Congratulations to the following 2011 calendar artists:

Catherine Parkinson, “2 Peas in a Pod”

Catherine Parkinson, “Winter Muses”

Shelli Ricci, “Stick a Fork in It!”

Gail M. Williams, “Cherry Tomatoes”

Loreen Leedy, “Garden Fresh”

Maria Elkins, “Strawberry Delight”

Jennifer Politano, “Lemon-Lime”

Regina Westmoreland, “Hot and Spicy”

Constance R. Spotts, “Watermelon Baby”

Diane Marie Chaudiere, “Done Just Right”

Susan Brubaker Knapp, “Candy Corn”

Diane Marie Chaudiere, “Relish the Moment”

Christina Yoo, “Peppermint”

Thanks to everyone for participating in our 2011 contest. We encourage those who participated to post photos of your entries in our photo galleries. (Just make sure to tag your entry with "2011 Calendar Contest" so they will all appear in the same gallery.) Thanks again! 

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Lindy101 wrote
on 15 May 2010 8:13 PM

What I truly enjoy regarding QA's contests is how many of the artists, myself included, make posts along the lines of, "Hadn't tried this technique before, but it was fun!"  "This challenge captured my imagination..."  "I learned so much from trying this challenge."  It may sound cliche', but these challenges ARE so much fun, whether or not you win.  They give individuals the 'permission' to try new things, without the need for perfection, simply a desire to play and learn and find satisfaction in the finished work.  The size is not a huge investment in time or money, another freedom to give it a try!  Thank you QA, Pokey, and all!