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What Do Bikinis and Quilting Have in Common?

19 May 2010

I thought that headline might grab your attention.

I recently took a brief three-day break to a beach before our publishing schedule vamps up this summer, and decided to turn my vacation a Stitch-cation. As summer approaches––and so do vacation plans––no road trip or spa break is complete without a stitching project in hand!

Some ways to incorporate stitching into your vacation:

Express yourself at the beach

Louis Vuitton doesn’t need to be the only one stylin’ at the resort. Why not make a quilted beach bag? That’s what I did when I made Kathy Mack’s Winslow Market Tote from International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene. Constructed of cotton, sand can be washed out easily, it’s big enough to hold a fluffy beach towel and sun hat, and has two outer pockets for sunscreen and hotel room keys.









Stitch Poolside

While everyone else is engrossed in a James Patterson novel, plan ahead and put your books on tape so you can stitch poolside. (And an added bonus: Your stitch project may come home with the perfume of your coconut-scented SPF!)

Wondering what kind of project you could stitch?

Think of who could use a small art quilt or embroidery to adorn their home. A friend of mine recently purchased her first house, and remembering how daunting it felt to decorate my first place, I thought it might be fun to make a small housewarming gift. The night before I left for my trip, I machine needle-felted a small background (about 9" x 6"), grabbed an assortment of hand threads, scissors, and needles, and had the perfect hand stitching project to work on at the beach.  When I came home and had finished the stitching, I simply painted a wrapped artist’s canvas using Lumiere® paint, glued the needle-felted embroidery to the center, and voila: I had an instant gift for the new home owner who might want to cover up those white walls.

Other ideas to stitch:
•    Think ahead and think small: Coming to one of the International Quilt Festivals? Make ATCs and fabric postcards for The Trading Post at Make It University™!

•    Organize a summertime stitch round robin with friends. Have each friend make a wholecloth quilt top of equal size that can later be stitched into a pillow.  Ask each participant to add their signature surface design techniques or stitching, and cycle through all of the participants so the blocks are complete by summer’s end.

Art Up Your Cocktail Hour

Get out your camera or sketchbook and colored pencils and embark on a leisurely afternoon stroll, taking in the flora, fauna, architecture, and culture to inspire a future stitch project.

By incorporating the above into my break, I had a great time during my short stay in the sun and came home both rested and inspired. Do you have summertime stitching plans or vacation tips? I’d love to hear!

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artl8dy wrote
on 19 May 2010 6:01 PM

It doesn't get any better than this ~ vacation & fiber art. Very inspiring!!

on 20 May 2010 5:17 PM

Hi Pokey--

This probably isn't the place I'm supposed to be but I can't find anywhere to ask my question.

I uploaded a picture in the Bernina challenge last night and it has a lock on it.  Why is mine the only one with a lock and how can it be removed?\

It says everyone can vote but my sister tried this afternoon and she got to the voting page but there was no option for her to vote.