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Where in the world is Pokey?

10 Aug 2010

My head is spinning. This summer has been a traveling whirlwind for me since I've been traipsing about the country for Quilting Arts and  adjusting to a Massachusetts/Colorado living situation. There have been a few mornings over the past several weeks where I’ve blinked my eyes open, groggily assessed the thread count and crispness of the bed sheets (hotel? guest bedroom? home?), checked the direction of the sun, and wondered: am I on the east or west coast, or somewhere in the middle? 

What has kept me grounded while I’ve been spending so much time in the sky? Meeting up with like-minded fiber art friends, of course!

Some pictures…

Earlier this summer, I was invited to hang out with some of the staff of Quilts, Inc. in Texas, and lead them in a weekend filled with surface design activities. We screened, stamped, stenciled, monoprinted, Thermofaxed, overdyed, deconstructed screen-printed, played with gelatin, all the while listening to a lot of Dead, Dave Matthews, and Pink Floyd. A perfect weekend...

Then (amidst a few magazine deadlines and moving furniture to Colorado), I attended one of my very favorite annual quilt shows, the International Quilt Festival/Long Beach! My sister-in-law, Sally Murray (my partner in crime since starting Quilting Arts) and her daughter, Lindsey came to work the show with me for the second year in a row, and we hit the old haunts on the off hours; Gladstones (best tuna sushi tower), The Yard House (best chopped salad smothered in a Bloody Mary vinaigrette), and Rock Bottom (best artery-clogging fried appetizers and mixed drinks)!

The show, of course, was fabulous. This was the first time I saw “Beneath The Surface” curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Jenison and if you are coming to Houston, get ready to be dazzled as these piece are spectacular! We’ll be publishing a few of them in our October/November issue of Quilting Arts, and since I should keep those images under wraps until they are published, I'll share some other show pics..

Don't throw it away! Leslie Jenison fascinated attendees by using disposable face clothes with screen printing techniques.

Once again, Jane LaFazio demonstrates that she has way too much fun with machine needle felting! (Photo by Judy Perez)

Nina Perez (Judy's daughter), an exceptionally talented and gifted artist, held her first open studio in Make It University and shared a variety of artwork. We hope we'll see a lot more from her!

The prolific, wonderful, and talented artist, Judy Coates Perez was on hand for a couple of Open Studios spots. She'll be joining me in three weeks to tape a couple of segments for the next series of Quilting Arts TV!

From left to right: Jane LaFazio, Alisa Burke, Judy Perez, Me

Not just the adults had fun at the show, but babies, too. Meet Emily, an adorable, engaging baby who came to visit us in the Quilting Arts booth. She was cooing and smiling so much, I had to take her picture...

Painting and having fun in the Make It University!(TM) workshops.

Troublemakers attending the Quilt Art reception. From left to right: Me, Jane LaFazio, Jamie Fingal, Leslie Jenison

And meet Sophie Rubin, Luana Rubin's daughter, who did a smashing job with her TV debut on Quilting Arts TV this season. Why is she wearing a tiara? She just came from Disneyland, of course!

People traded all kinds of art at the Trading Post: ATCs, Inchies, pendants, postcards, small artworks, you name it...

I'm so glad my niece is putting her college degree to good use.(::cough::) The theme for Saturday night's Surviving the Runway was "Life's a Beach!" and when we got to Long Beach, we walked to Walmart and got all kinds of beachy inspiration: inflatable swim toys, tiki torches, snorkle equipment, beach balls, really tacky bikini tops, you name it. Then we gave each particpant one item to inspire beach couture. The grand prize winners received a lot of loot: Auriful Threads, Side Winders to wind bobbins in a jiff and rotary cutting machines by Simplicity, paints by Jacquard, certificates from Pro-Chemical & Dye, and thread packages from Coats & Clark. The stakes were high so people were very inspired to make some outlandish couture!




We listened to a ton of beach tunes, elicited a lot of laughter as we danced around the convention center, and had a wonderful time! We are looking forward to making the trek to Long Beach next year so be sure to save the dates: July 29- 31, 2011.

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Jane LaFazio wrote
on 11 Aug 2010 3:42 PM

oh my my.......some kinda fun was had in Long Beach!!! thanks for including me in your rogues gallery!


on 11 Aug 2010 5:44 PM

So much fun! Make it U is the place to be at festival! See you soon Pokey, eek!

MellyT wrote
on 11 Aug 2010 11:35 PM

Great post, Pokey! So much fun.

dfmrobinson wrote
on 1 Sep 2010 3:45 PM

The East Coast Pet Sitter is missing those furry lovable critters!