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Announcing the Latest Fabric Winner & Lost Footage: International Quilt Festival!

16 Nov 2010

I have to say, a number of your responses to my last blog post about PPQSDS (Post-Partum Quilt Show Disorder) cracked me up, and I love many of your creative strategies for coping with winter! Many mentioned they bake cookies, some talked about snow dyeing (something surprisingly I’ve never done), and someone mentioned they go hot tubbing in the winter (to which I say, leave me a towel, I’ll be right over).

A number of you read (which makes me think once in a while it might be fun to post a book discussion), some embrace the cold and the outdoors, and a few of you have some very interesting hobbies. Take for instance “ebandit” who likes to penny whistle! She writes, “My trick is to use lots of bright fabrics. And if the sun is shining, I grab my penny whistle and go outside and whistle a happy tune.”

Ebandit, for once I’m not going to do a random drawing, but going to give this fabric to you, as I find that response just fabulous. Congrats! Please email Lindsey Murray at with your address.

Now onto the lost footage of International Quilt Market & Festival:

Well, some of this footage isn’t lost, exactly. It’s borrowed. Such as the following clip that Kathy Mack posted last week on her Pink Chalk Studio blog. Some news about STITCH plans for next year:


Want to light up your quilts? Check out Cheryl Sleboda’s techniques (which, by the way, will be featured in our next issue of Quilting Arts).

And lastly, my inpromptu interview with Barclay, Fath Cleary’s pooch. We're hard at work on Quilting Arts in Stitches, or second edition of our eMag. I apologize for my dog speak, but I can’t help it…

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TheaM@2 wrote
on 17 Nov 2010 7:55 AM

wow!  could you post a link for that LED source?  thanks!  

that's a real eye opener!

and Barclay is totally adorable, too!

Muppin wrote
on 17 Nov 2010 7:55 AM


Muppin wrote
on 17 Nov 2010 8:52 AM

TheaM@2 - it will be in next month's Quilting Arts magazine!  Resources and all will be listed!

jabotquilt wrote
on 17 Nov 2010 1:51 PM

Awesome with the lights... I have been following Cheryl's blog for a while now.   Very creative... one of these days, you are going to like my 3D work=))

Jane LaFazio wrote
on 18 Nov 2010 11:39 AM

barclay is a cutie pie!

and soo good to meet Tricia!

ebandit wrote
on 23 Nov 2010 4:47 PM

Wow thanks.  I only found out today that I am the winner.  I am HAPPY.  I adore Riley Blake Fabrics.  

thanks for sharing the great videos.  I sent you a link to a video of me playing the penny whistle in Lindsey's email.