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Behind the Scenes at QA TV Series 800

2 Mar 2011

First things first: The winner of the Quilting Arts TV DVD set from my last post goes to Von8. Congratulations! Please email Lindsey Murray ( with your address and she'll send the DVD set out to you.

Now onto some pictures and video from our latest Quilting Arts TV taping that we taped a couple of weeks ago…


This season we really have gone to the dogs! We feature several canine-friendly segments, including one by our very own Helen Gregory. Check out Helen’s little video of her getting ready for her Quilting Arts TV Series 800 debut:


 We also had Faith Cleary on as a guest who showed us her incredible thread-painted pet portraits.

They look difficult to make, but she showed us on the Bernina 830 how with a little patience and a few thread changes  they can be accomplished easily. She was so kind as she made a tote for me featuring my pooch Sophie!


Speaking of beloved pooches, meet Faith’s pooch, Barclay, who I got to meet last fall in Houston. I want a French Bulldog!

I also felt very honored that Ana Buzzalino traveled down from Canada to tape three amazing segments with us. She's been a Quilting Arts cover girl a couple of times, including our commemorative 10th anniversary issue!

 My friend Jane LaFazio also came to tape a few segments. Here she is in all of her smiling glory getting ready for her segment on how to transform original sketches into mini art quilts:

More guests who taped on Thursday (Clockwise from left to right: Terry White, me, Jennifer Solon, Nancy Odom, Mary Pal, and Lynn Krawczyk.)

 Check out Lynn's fun little owls!

 A little known fact: I am vertically challenged, and at 5'2" (and 3/4"!), I couldn't quite reach the foot peddle, so I had my very own high-tech foot peddle booster:

I’d like to thank our many underwriters for helping to make QA TV possible this season: BERNINA of America, Havel’s Scissors, Coates Threads, Kaleidoscope Designs, Warm Company, Dreamworld, Simplicity, and lastly Rowenta for helping to tame my hair:

 And a VERY special thank you to the peretually peppy, positive, and joy-loving Jeanne Delpit of BERNINA of America for all of her invaluable help!


Lastly, packing up is always fun and we literally tried to ship Helen back up to Boston...

More to come in Cincinnati!

Taping isn't over! We're taping more segments at the brand new International Quilt Festival/ Cincinnati show that takes place April 8-10. We will be taping several segments with some of the fabulous teachers who teach at Festival, as well as interview art quilters and tour some of the exhibits on the show floor.

Some guests include:

Rhianna White of Quilts, Inc.

Cheyl Sleboda, our very own Quilting Arts forum moderator

Maria Elkins

Pepper Cory, President of the International Quilt Association

And many more!

Hope you'll join us in Cincinnati!

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Jamie Fingal wrote
on 2 Mar 2011 2:25 PM

Looks like a wrap.  Love reading and seeing the behinds the scenes photos of Series 800!  See you in Cincinnati!

on 2 Mar 2011 9:02 PM

See you in Cincinnati!

on 3 Mar 2011 9:52 AM

Thanks for the opportunity, Pokey- It was great fun!  Wish I was going to be at IQF in Cincinnati next month...

Muppin wrote
on 3 Mar 2011 10:27 AM

YAY!  See you in Cincinnati!


CYooOhio wrote
on 3 Mar 2011 6:06 PM

I'm so excited about Cincinnati!  I'm taking several classes and cannot wait for the fun!!  I'm even more excited to know you guys will be there.  I hope I get to touch base with the group!!  Fun fun!!!

Karen Jurek wrote
on 5 Mar 2011 9:43 AM

I was so happy to see my friend Ana Buzzalino is being featured in some of your segments. She's a lovely lady and a whiz with the sewing machine. I just love her actual quilting stitching!

Karen Jurek

Cjbauman464 wrote
on 5 Mar 2011 10:58 AM

Can't wait for series 800.  I just finished up viewing season 700.  I have all of video .  While I am waiting for 800 I will view all of your cd's.  I love this program.

Carol n Nevada

on 7 Mar 2011 10:17 AM

Thanks Pokey and your great tream for the wonderful opportunity of being part of Quilting Arts TV Series 800.  I had a fantastic time in Cleveland and learned a lot.  Hope we get to do it again some time.

parevest wrote
on 20 May 2011 8:44 AM

Dear Pokey

I am looking forward to seeing QA TV series 8 when it comes out on DVD as I live in the UK and cannot see them on TV.

I have all the previous series and wondered if there was ever going to be an index of the programmes and projects.  Coming up to the 100th episode it's getting hard to find stuff and my memory is definitely not up to it.

I find using the QA and CPS cumulative indexes a really useful way of mining the back issues of the magazines and mean that I'm never tempted to throw them away to make space.



on 13 Sep 2011 3:51 PM

I gave you a behind-the-scenes look at taping 'QATV' Season 8 on my Editor's blog last week. But it's only fair that I give the guest quilt artists a chance to tell you what it's really like. So I asked three, two newbies and a veteran