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Announcing the 6 Winners to My Mom's Birthday Giveaway

30 Jun 2011

Thanks to everyone for helping me wish my mom a Happy 60th Birthday! I spoke to her over the phone and all of the responses and good wishes really put a smile on her face.

 The following winners of the six goodie bags of fabric treats should please email Lindsey Murray at with your mailing information, and we will get the goods to you next week.

  1. Pam Brees
  2. Priscilla Read
  3. Skipran
  4. JudyMiller2
  5. Artist2Mom

 And last but not least a special, hand-selected winner for writing a poem—Art Takes Shape! My mom and I laughed very hard over the poem you created:

Ode to Pokey’s Mom

A former California girl

Whose birthday is in June

Was born across from Disney

And the animated ‘toon.

She listened to the music

Of Elvis and the ‘Stones

And she probably won’t admit it

But a little Davy Jones.

Hippie clothes were all the rage

But if you had some luck

You’d see a psychedelic Peace Sign

Painted on a truck.

All grow’d up she had a girl

She wrote and even sewed

She had lots and lots of talent

Which on Pokey she bestowed.

Now her home’s in Vegas

Where she no longer is a teen.

And one regret that she may have

She has no sewing machine.

So now she has some memories

They always will replay

As she never will forget

The stash that got away!!


Thanks, everyone! Stay tuned as we have some exciting news about International Quilt Festival/ Long Beach to share with you.


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on 1 Jul 2011 10:45 PM

Thanks Pokey, you made my day. Wishing your mom a wonderful 60th birthday!


(alias: Art Takes Shape)

FYI: The poem was originally in 4-line stanzas but didn't come across that way in the comment section.