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International Quilt Festival/Long Beach & MIU Plans

11 Jul 2011

Your trusty Quilting Arts team is getting ready for one of our very favorite shows that we look forward to all year long: International Quilt Festival/Long Beach. This year is no different and in fact we have a lot of fun activities planned at Make It University!, including an incredible line-up of artists for both Open Studios and Workshops, a couple of raffle opportunities where we will be giving away a lot of free loot, and an extra special "Surviving the Runway" extravaganza celebrating those crazy fasteners that are all the rage right now.

Of course we will also have the Trading Post where you can trade ATCs, Inchies, charms, postcards, and small art quilts.

Every show I try and make ATCs that are special to that particular show. In the past as themes I've chosen rats (a little shout out to The Sopranos), butterflies, cupcakes, and this year it seems to be....flies. (Hey! They are highly under-celebrated!)

I have a few special fly ATCs:

There's "I'm not Cross-Eyed, I'm Cross-Flied"

Or "Lord of the Flies"

Or how about "Come Fly with Me..."

Or for those wanting a little glam, how about "I'm So Fly"

Or lastly, I have...

"Your Fly is Down"

So if you are coming to Long Beach I hope you are planning on making a lot of ATCs to create and share on the show floor! Make sure to tell all of your friends to make some too! 

For a full schedule of Make It University events simply head over to our events page. See you soon!

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jojo wrote
on 12 Jul 2011 8:04 AM

OMG - I'll be "flying" in from Vegas Baby and hopefully swatting me a Pokey Fly ATC Baby!

Counting the daze!  Can't wait!


on 16 Jul 2011 11:09 AM

I'm taking the Printapalooza class.  I hope Pokey brings some ATC's to trade in class.  Picking a theme for the ATC's is a great idea.  I needed something to help me focus.


Vianna wrote
on 25 Jul 2011 6:06 AM

I wish I could come to Long Beach ... however, I am inspired by the "flies" to create something here, in Florida. Thank you for sharing with us - VM