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Huge News at Quilting Arts!

30 Sep 2011

See this picture?

It's one of my favorite pictures taken this last year, and is of my favorite quilting gal pal, Helen Gregory and me right before we taped a segment with her for Quilting Arts TV. She's been our Managing Editor for the Quilt & Paper Group for almost five years...a job, quite frankly, she is overqualified for.

It's with great joy I share that as of December 1, Helen Gregory will become the Editorial Director of the Quilt and Paper Group at Interweave. I am so happy for her, and know in my heart she will do a fantastic job.

You may wonder where I might be going. Well, I have good news on that front, too. I am heading down to Houston, Texas, to join another team of quilt people that I adore: Quilts, Inc., those friendly, hard-working folks who put on the International Quilt Festivals, Markets, etc. Starting in January, I am going to step into a new role there as Chief Creative Officer, which basically  means I get to have a lot of fun with them in scheming more fun adventures in quilting. I am staying on as the host for Quilting Arts TV, and as an editorial advisor for Quilting Arts. We are currently interviewing for an editor for Quilting Arts Magazine. Quilting Arts is--and always will be--my baby. Frankly it's a little hard for me to separate my identity from this publication, but  at the end of the year, it's time for a new editor to take her (or his) creative talents, vision, and passion for art quilting and bring Quilting Arts to the next level.

I am confident this will be a very smooth transition and I am glad I will still be an editorial advisor for this group (and have a reason to stay in frequent contact with my friends here who are like family to me).

A couple of press releases have been released and you can read them by clicking on the links:

Interweaves's Press Release

Quilts, Inc., Press Release

I want to thank everyone in the quilting world who have made working on Quilting Arts so, so much fun. Cheers to you...


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on 30 Sep 2011 12:13 PM

Congratulations to you both.  As long as we don't loose QA show and magazine the world will still turn.  Have fun in new roles.

MellyT wrote
on 30 Sep 2011 12:19 PM

Wow Helen and Pokey! I am happy for both of you. Major change and all for the good.

on 30 Sep 2011 1:51 PM

Wow!  Congratulations to both of you on your new positions!  I'm sure you will both do a great job and that you won't leave QA in inferior hands so I'm confident there are good times ahead for all of us.  Pokey, does this mean you will be moving to Texas now?  Or just adding to your airfare points?  Best Wishes!

lrond01 wrote
on 30 Sep 2011 2:05 PM

Congratulations for the both of you. Pokey, I will miss your fun personality and your crazy spontaneity that transpires in everything you've done in putting together QA and breathing life into it . I'm sure you want to say that you have a great team to support you. But they would agree with me in saying that they had a great leader.

Quilting Arts is one of the most inspirational magazine I've read. Keep on the good work Helen!

Line from Montreal

on 30 Sep 2011 2:44 PM

CONGRATULATIONS to both YOU - Pokey and Helen!

raynag wrote
on 30 Sep 2011 2:55 PM

I just got the email from Kim DeCoste and was thrilled, Pokey.  I'm equally thrilled for Helen, who is pure joy and one of the most fun people I've ever worked with.

I'll be at Market and will see you there.


artl8dy wrote
on 30 Sep 2011 2:55 PM

Wow, this is huge. Hope you bring some of your creative spark to the local scene in here in Houston and not just during Festival but throughout the year. Pack your sunscreen and do a rain dance!!

Jamie Fingal wrote
on 30 Sep 2011 3:30 PM

Congratulations Pokey!  and to Quilts Inc!  What tremendous news!  Congratulations to Helen!  A win-win for everyone involved.  I wish you all of the best!  Imagine the possibilities!

on 30 Sep 2011 4:41 PM

Congratulations to both of you! Neither of you let any grass grow under your shoes. Looking forward to seeing and wishing you the best in your new endeavors!

on 30 Sep 2011 5:27 PM

Congrats Pokey! What wonderful news. I know you'll do a great job at Quilts, Inc. and have lots of fun in the process. Way to go!

on 30 Sep 2011 6:10 PM

Got the email from IQA and I am thrilled for ALL of us!   A few years ago I saw you getting involved more and more with Karey B and the IQA and wondered if you might some day take the reins.  I am so excited for your future in particular, but for all of us on a wider plane..... WOOOHOOOO!  Cheers, Sarah Ann Smith

marijka wrote
on 30 Sep 2011 8:40 PM

Didn't you just move to Colorado?  Hope you weren't so organized as to get all your boxes unpacked....  :-)

Jeannie EVH wrote
on 30 Sep 2011 11:14 PM

Congratulations to you both!!! Pokey, thank you for creating Quilting Arts. You really changed quilt magazines for the better.

on 1 Oct 2011 5:04 AM

Congratulations. I know you will bring lots of wonderful ideas to your new position. Can't wait to meet you at Festival next month. Getting used to the heat in Houston will be another matter!

I have to get up at 5:30 on Saturday AM to watch Quilting Arts. I haven't mastered tivo yet although my grandson set it to record your show each week, now I just have to figure out how to watch it.

I can't imaging Quilting Arts TV without you.

Muppin wrote
on 1 Oct 2011 10:21 AM

Congrats Pokey and Helen!!

on 1 Oct 2011 2:26 PM

Congratulations to both of you!  

SueBQuilts wrote
on 1 Oct 2011 4:42 PM

Congratulations to both of you! Here's to your new creative ventures that will benefit all of your fellow artists!

Darla111 wrote
on 1 Oct 2011 9:05 PM

Pokey - kudos to you for passing the inspire me...great adventures to you and to those who fill your shoes...

much love


on 4 Oct 2011 4:08 AM

Well done! I've done a guide on <a href="">how to plan an essay</a> on quilting

Phylis2 wrote
on 4 Oct 2011 11:51 AM

First let me say "Congratulations Pokey and Helen".  Secondly, I just came to terms with the fact that I am a person who does not like change and wham - Pokey I read your news.  Ah well, it's OK because you'll do a great job no matter where you go and Helen has the same "presence".  Hugs to each of you.

on 5 Oct 2011 7:02 AM

Fantastic News!!!  Congratulations Helen and Pokey!! I'm sure all the magic will continue as strong as it has been and I look forward to many, many more fabulous issues of Quilting Arts Magazine!

Lyndalou wrote
on 22 Oct 2011 7:04 AM

Congratulations! I'm glad you still will have your hand in both the show and mag.

on 10 Nov 2011 9:49 AM

Congratulations!  Great fit for you, Pokey.

On another note, I wanted to comment on the Quilting Daily newsletter titled "Best Practices for Smooth Stitching" on 11/10/11.  The caption to one photo refers to the quilting pattern as the "baptiste fan."  There is no need to "frenchify" the name of it.  My grandma, who died of old age in the 70's, was a lifelong Ozark quilter.  She referred to that pattern done by hand as the Baptist Fan, and told me it came from the pre-air-conditioning practice at many country churches of providing hand fans to the ladies of the church to use during services. Since most rural churches in the South were Baptist, they were referred to as Baptist fans.  Since the quilting practice of pivoting the arm at the elbow looked similar to these fans, that was what the pattern was called. Just wanted to clarify that.

JolineH wrote
on 17 Nov 2011 4:03 PM

congrats where ever you go fantastic things will happen!

Pokey wrote
on 30 Apr 2013 8:20 PM

A couple of months ago I announced a few sizable changes at Quilting Arts (you can read more about those

Atlantis2 wrote
on 19 Jun 2014 9:36 PM

Hi Pokey, I just wanted to tell you that I have learned so much from watching Quilting Arts on TV, and of course you making sure that we the viewers see all the details of what your guest is doing. I was introduced to thread sketching on your show and I absolutely love this. I have thread sketched everything I can find.  I will miss your cheerful personality and pray that you are Blessed in your new endeavors.

Thank you  for everything you have taught us. Sincerely, Bara Dabney

on 4 Jul 2015 8:33 PM

Please have a close up camera at the back of the machines so when the demos are gong and their hand is in the way of the camera you could switch to a close up at the back. We could still see close up what the guest is stitching and how.