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  • Rock On! Art Quilt Update

    OK, my boogie-loving, head-thrashing, air-guitar-playing quilters, how are those Rock On! art quilts comin ''? T minus 10 weeks until the due date, so I hope you're jammin' and quiltin' the night away. We've gotten a handful of...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 14 Nov 2008
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  • Announcing the Winners of the Quilting Arts Book and Stash of Fabrics!

    I want to thank everybody so much for your in-depth responses to my questions about winter woes and planning a three-day art quilt retreat at my house. I was amazed at how long and thoughtful those responses were!  What many of you said:  Coping...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 11 Nov 2008
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  • Today's the day! SAQA Reverse Auction and Close of Giveaway

    Here’s a good way to start the workweek: Want to buy an art quilt? Today the reverse auction commences to benefit SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). I am on the SAQA Board and I can tell you this is a very organized, forward-thinking organization supporting...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 10 Nov 2008
  • Post-partum Quilt Show Disorder & a Giveaway!

    Ever since I returned home from Houston, I've been suffering from what I dub PPQSD: post-partum quilt show disorder. I'm home from the show I look forward to most every year, and now I'm back in my sleepy, bucolic town of Stow, MA. Quilt show...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 7 Nov 2008
  • Houston: What A long, strange (and wonderful) trip it's been!

    What an amazing, beautiful, surreal, funny, busy time we had in Houston! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Make It University!(TM) I had every intention of blogging every day from the show floor. Ha ha, that's a good one. The laugh is...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 4 Nov 2008
  • Houston: International Quilt Festival Scrapbook Pt. 1

      Festival is proving to be incredible...and incredibly boisterous. A blog entry sans words; I will add commentary to this post and previous posts as soon as I down a Zeus Juice and get more than four hours of sleep at night! (Check back soon if...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 30 Oct 2008
  • Houston Day 2 - 3

    The fun continues... Caroline Devoy & Co. who have some scrumptious fabrics out with Michael Miller... See what I mean? I want to thank all of the companies in our industry for making yummy products that will attract the next generation of quilters...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 29 Oct 2008
  • Houston. And so it begins...

    Blog woes: I apologize for not posting over the weekend. If anyone has a Typepad account, you may know they're having lots of technical problems this month as they switch to a new server. I'm praying to the blog gods that they get this fixed soon...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 27 Oct 2008
  • Talkin' Turkey (From Photo to Mini Quilt)

    The other morning while putting on a pot of jo', I spotted this surprising sight out of my kitchen window: Twelve hours later, same skyline: And the following morning when I tried to go to work: A gaggle of wild turkeys on my street stopped me in...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 20 Oct 2008
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  • Is there an author in the house?

    Here at Quilting Arts/ Cloth Paper Scissors headquarters, we have been holding our collective breath for a while now, anxiously awaiting the arrival of….drum roll… Cate's book ! Many moons ago, our features editor, Cate Coulacos Prato , did us proud...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 8 Oct 2008
  • Tricks and Treats

    What's that saying: When the cat's away the mice will play? My husband's been out of town for the past week, and while he was gone, play I did… A few things have been on my mind lately: my beautiful hometown of San Francisco, the Grateful...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 7 Oct 2008
  • Harvest Time At Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors

    **Please note there is a 10/1/08 update in the post below... Studios is here! In case you hadn't heard the news, the new Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS issue is now available! It is absolutely gorgeous (thanks to the hard work of editor Cate Prato and...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 29 Sep 2008
  • Fabric Stash Giveaway Part II

    Thanks so much to everyone who sent Barbara your favorite art book titles and answered my Snooze or Cruise vacation question from my previous entry. Some of your responses were hilarious! This past vacation I had intended to only be a cruiser, but alas...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 26 Sep 2008
  • How well do you know your editor? A two-part giveaway!

    This is the first of two blog entries where you, cherished blog reader, have the opportunity to receive a fat (and I mean FAT) stash of stenciled, screened, and stamped papers and hand-dyed fabrics. I will be giving 15 of these stashes away. Challenge...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 13 Sep 2008
  • Collage & Quilt Opportunities Abound (and Meet the Joneses)

    Virginia Spiegel’s e-newsletter popped into my in-box earlier this week, letting me know that another Collage Mania auction to raise funds for the American Cancer Society will be taking place. Virginia’s efforts to raise funds and rally artists for ACS...

    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 4 Sep 2008
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