Quilting Arts TV Episode 1009: It's a Color Conundrum

17 May 2012

Color has the ability to change the look and focus of a quilt, especially when it comes to fabric choices. Our guests on this episode change or modify their initial fabric choice for a brand new look. We begin with Rayna Gillman and a fabric makeover. She shows us how to print on cloth that needs a little help, with the express purpose of slicing it up and using in a free-form quilt. Then meet color expert Judy Coates Perez for an overview of 500 color recipes. She’s creating custom recipes for dyeing fabric based on the weight of the fabric and water to dye ratio. Finally Michele Muska creates felted placemats with Dresden and double wedding ring shapes in a traditional color palette.

View the projects from this episode by clicking here.


Rayna Gillman's fabric makeover

Judy Coates Perez is creating new colors using dye!

Michele Muska's felt work

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NutellaN wrote
on 8 Dec 2012 11:46 PM

During Ms. Coates Perez' segment, she mentions doubling the dye for what is actually quadruple the quantity of fabric. An easy mistake, and a great reminder to check the math before committing to the dyepot!

harriet cook wrote
on 20 Aug 2013 6:19 AM

how do I order 1009 series  do you have a phone number I don't like putting my visa card no.

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