Quilting Arts TV Episode 1110: Stitch Meets Art

24 Jan 2013

Stitching can be its own art form and transform your quilt design. Our first guest is Ellen Anne Eddy. She has a basic lesson on darning feet and tips for choosing batting. Then, meet Laura Wasilowski as she "arts up" a traditional quilt block with fusible web. We finish up with Carol Ann Waugh adding texture to quilted pieces with couching.  

Ellen Anne Eddy's samples of batting thickness and the proper foot to use when quilting.











Laura Wasilowski looks at her quilt before her segment on "arting up" a traditional block.















Carol Ann Waugh, right, and Pokey Bolton on the set of QA TV Series 1100.











QATV Series 1100 is now available at the Quilting Daily Shop.

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Eileen174 wrote
on 18 Jun 2014 3:08 PM


I missed the part where Laura mentions what kind of fusible web she uses for this project.  I'd appreciate getting that info.



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