Quilting Arts TV Episode 1111: Adding Texture

24 Jan 2013

There are many different materials and techniques for giving your quilts added texture. Ellen Anne Eddy is back with a continuation of a previous lesson. She has unique ideas on couching including a discussion of the feet to use. Then, Jane LaFazio returns with "text to textiles." From writing on fabric to a journal prompt, Jane will get you texting on your quilts. Finally, Wendy Butler Berns helps us overcome the fear of free-motion quilting.

Ellen Anne Eddy, right, and Pokey Bolton on the set of "Quilting Arts TV" Series 1100.











Samples of Jane LaFazio's text to textile technique.











Wendy Butler Berns, right, on the QATV set with Pokey Bolton.











QA TV Series 1100 is now available at the Quilting Daily Shop.

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mhoney wrote
on 21 Jul 2013 10:20 AM

I am interested in seeing a list of the tools used in this episode (Adding Texture, #1111)  and specifically for the segment with Ellen Anne Eddy.  She used various presser feet and I want to know the names of them to see if I have any already and, if not, to look for them for my machine.  I cannot find a link for 'notes, tools, tips, from this episode.  Am I missing it?

thank you for your help.


CarolynAJ wrote
on 16 Sep 2015 4:19 AM

I'm also interested in a list of the tools/supplies used in this episode. Especially the fabric pen and what was used to make the batting sticky that Jane LaFazio used.


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